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a score is 20 years, so four score and ten years ago would be 90 years

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Q: How much is four score and ten years?
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How many years is four score and ten?

90 years

Is 20 years a decade?

No. A decade is ten years. Twenty years is two decades (or a "score" -- as in "Four score and seven years ago...").

Who said four score and ten years ago?

If you mean four score and seven years ago, it was said by Abraham Lincoln, the first words from his Gettysburg Address.

What does fourscore and five mean?

FOUR SCORE AND TEN = 90. A score is 20 therefore 4 score is 4 x 20 =80 + 10 = 90

Four score and seven from the bible how many years?

A score is twenty years. So four score and seven is (4 X 20) + 7 years or 87 years. However, the usual quote is three score and ten years (70 years) which represented the life expectancy in those days.

Four score and ten years ago what does this mean?

score is a set of twenty so 4 x 20 + 10 = 90 years ago.

What does ten years equal?

a score

How many years in 8 score and ten?

Eight score and ten is 170-years. A score equals twenty-years. The most famous use of the word score, is in the Gettysburg Address. Score is a slang term for a twenty-dollar bill.

What does 3 score and ten mean?

1 score = 20 years So 3 score and ten would be 70 years.

What does 'four score and seven years' mean?

Four score and seven years = 87 years. A "score" is 20. Abraham Lincoln used this phrase as a fancy way of referring to the founding of the country (in 1776) in his Gettysburg Address, the speech he gave at the dedication of a cemetery for those who died in that devastating Civil War battle. Lincoln likely intended an allusion to familiar biblical language (King James Version), especially to Psalm 90, in which the human life span is said to be "three score years and ten".

What does four score and ten mean and where does the term 'score' come from?

Answer = 90.Four score and ten refers to years. A 'score' is twenty, so four of them would be 80, plus ten, it's 90. The term 'score' was used in the bible and in famous speeches. AnswerThe word score originates from Old English scoru"twenty," from Old Norse skor "mark, tally", in the sense of say, a shepherd making a mark on a tally stick when counting sheep. Its use in the Bible is simply that of a common word at the time of translation then falling into disuse though language change.

If 100 years is a century what are 10 years?

Ten years is a decade. Twenty years is a score.