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If you mean a half billion American dollars then it is 24,744,850,000 INR.

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โˆ™ 2012-02-10 19:26:11
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Q: How much is half billion in Indian rupee?
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How much is one billion in Indian rupee?

1000 crore in one billion in Indian Currency .

1.5 billion us dollar how much Indian rupee?

US$1 billion

How much Indian rupee is equal to 100 billion dollors?

1trillionis equal to 100 billion

How much is 67 billion dollors in Indian rupee?

67 billion dollars is 3,147,659,969,329.83 India rupees.

1 billion rupee is equal to how much crore?

100 crore is equal to i billion Indian rupees

How much is one billion dollars in Indian rupee?

44288941100 rupee due to the current exchange rates

How much 5500000 in Indian rupee?

how much 5500000 pounds in indian rupee

1000 riyal equals how much Indian rupee?

1500 indian rupee

Indian rupee how much in Dubai dinar?

Indian rupee how much in Dubai dinar

How much Indian rupees are there in 1srilankan rupee?

In May 2013 .4 of an Indian rupee went into one Sri Lankan Rupee.

1 us dollar equalto how much Indian rupee?

$1 = 47.93 Indian Rupee

What much is two dollars in Indian rupee?

About 90 Rupee

How much is 10 pence in rupee?

8.92 Indian rupee.

One Yen equal to how much Indian rupee?

i would like to know how much is one yen equal to Indian rupee?

1 million equal to how much indian rupee?

1 million =1 crore indian rupee

18 dollar is equal to how much Indian rupee?

18 US Dollars = 810.07 Indian Rupee

How much is 1.8 Million Dollars in Indian Rupee?

Around 9 Indian 1$ is about Rs.50

How much is 11 million euro in rupee?

Assuming that you mean Indian rupee, it is 754 million Indian rupee. Hope I helped! :)

1dirham equals how much rupee in Indian rupee?

its euivalent to 12.784rs

How much is 1 Uganda shelling to Indian rupee?

1 Ugandan shilling is worth 0.0210491 Indian rupee at the moment. That translates to 1 Indian rupee equaling 47.5080 Ugandan shillings.

How much does 4 pounds cost in Indian rupee?

£4.00 = 272.573 rupee

How much is 22 billion rupee?

2200 cr

How much is 1 billion in rupee?

1 arab

How much is an One dollar is equal to Indian rupee?

Currently, 1 US Dollar equals 64.14 Indian Rupee.

How much is 14 cents in Indian rupees?

14 cents ==indian rupee