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Where ever you purchase your keg, they make you put down a deposit for the tap and will charge you a low fee for everyday you have the tap.

Deposit fees usually go around $50 and they will probably charge you a fee of $3 to $5 a day.

You could also just buy a tap. They have taps that can more than one beer at once if you don't want to have any lines. You can buy a single tap for $34.95 or a 4 way tap for 64.95 at

Hope this helps.

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The caterer for my wedding charges 350, which basically means, over priced.

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Depends which half.

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Q: How much is it to rent a keg tap?
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How much keg costs?

The deposit on a keg can be in excess of $60 , and a deposit on the tap, and then the beer is extra. The whole initial outlay can be in excess of $135 .

What are some parts that make up the keg tap?

There are many parts that make up a keg tap. This includes a beer line, a faucet, a pump rod, a hand pump, a tap handle, and a pump to coupler connector.

What is a keg economic question?

"How much does that keg cost?"

How much does a keg of miller lite cost?

1/2 Keg- 86.99 1/4 Keg- 50.99

What can someone eat a Keg restaurant?

The Keg is an Ontario based restaurant. They are primarily a steakhouse bar and grill. They serve meat, chicken, and fish. The bar has a variety of mixed drinks and beer on tap.

How much does a keg of beer cost in PA?

A keg of beer costs around $350 in Pennsylvania.

What is The kind of beer that comes out of a tap?

You may wish to clarify your question, but when a beer is "on tap" or "on draft" that means it served out of a keg typically into a pint glass, as opposed to the alternative being bottles.

How much pour waste occurs with keg beer?

If done properly you will have ~ 95 - 97% efficiency out of a keg.

What items can you rent from a party store?

tables, helium tank, chairs, balloons, jumping machine, beer keg, clown

Can you tap a keg twice?

If you don't mind getting wet and wasting beer.

Where can you buy kegs?

Westside Liquor carries keg beer and tap rentals. 520-777-4700 1310 W. Speedway Blvd.

How much sugar to put in a keg of beer?

Why would you put sugar into a keg of beer? The sugars come form the grains and adjunts.