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Q: How much is it to sand a hardwood floor?
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What is the process of a hardwood floor installation?

To install hardwood, first you need a bare floor, then you install the lined paper barrier, then you nail in the hardwood strips, sand it down, and then add a finish such as poly.

Its safe to apply polyurethane in a prefinished hardwood floor?

No, unless you plan to sand the floor. Prefinished floors are already polyurethaned.

How much would it cost to lay down hardwood floor if the hardwood floor costs 10.50 per square meter?

depends on the room size

How much hardwood flooring for a house that is 1400 sq?

idk but i could tell you how much wood it takes to cover my floor ;) hardwood

What is the best cleaner for thomasville hardwood floor?

A highly rated Detroit-area hardwood flooring installer gives their best advice for cleaning and maintaining hardwood floors.Refinishing or sanding an existing wood floor can be a more delicate process than you might expect. Here are some tips to help you successfully sand a hardwood floor without destroying it or damaging your home.Distressing hardwood flooring also reduces the impact of previous damage and hides evidence of future wear and tear

How much vinegar and water mixture do you use to mop a hardwood floor to get out urine out of a hardwood floor?

None! If you mop a hardwood floor with vinegar & water you will do more damage to the wood. NEVER use water on hardwood, it causes wood to swell and it ruins the finish. Sorry about the urine, but the vinegar & water will just make things worse

What is the best wood floor polish?

Bona Hardwood Floor Polish is environmentally friendly and can maintain any hardwood floor.

What is the best way of daily cleaning a hardwood floor?

Removing dirt, dust or sand from the floor. Sweep the floor properly with a broom which has soft bristles. After that use one soft dry cloth to clean it.

What is the best product for shiny hardwood floors?

Bruce hardwood floor cleaner is the best hardwood floor cleaner for day to day use.

Can a hardwood floor be floated?

Engineered hardwood floors can be floated, but not solid hardwood floors.

Is granite floor of flooring is used for badminton hall?

No much more likely to be hardwood

What are the steps to refinishing hardwood floors?

First you have to prepare the surface, by cleaning it and removing any objects. Next you must sand the floor. After sanding removing the sanded particles. Then you must stain the floor.