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A million dollars.

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Q: How much is one million dollars is worth?
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How much is one million dollars in 1927 worth today?


How much is Oprah's mansion worth?

one is worth 50 million dollars

How much would one million us dollars in 1962 be worth today?

One million USD in 1962 was worth about $7.85 million in 2015.

How much was joan crawford worth?

one million dollars

How much one million US dollars in Indian Rupees?

As at 16Oct09 1 million US Dollars was worth 46.25 million Indian Rupees

How much is Jonathan silver Scott worth?

One million dollars!

How much is radiant mirror force the yugioh card worth worth?

one million dollars

One million dollars in the 1800's is worth how much in todays money?

Not sure but probably around 10 million dollars today

How much is one direction worth in American money?

99.6224 million Dollars ..... £64 million pounds :)

How much was Cyrus McCormick worth?

I read that Cyrus McCormick was worth as much as $18 million dollars at one time.

How much was Bette Davis worth at death?

close to one million dollars

How much would 20 million dollars in 1920 be worth in 2009?

it would be worth one dollar

How much money is fantaisa barrino worth?

according to she is worth a lowly one million dollars

How much is chipper Jones 24 baseball card worth?

one million dollars

How much is Russell Hitchcock singer air supply worth?

one million dollars

How much is 300 lbs of one dollar bills worth?

1 million dollars

How much can Matisses artwork go for?

millions and millions of dollars, i personally bought one for 1.5 million dollars, it was worth it

How much is two headed eagle Russian coin 1997 worth?

One Million dollars!

How much gold was removed from Grasshopper Creek in one year?

10 million dollars worth

How much is your Bernard W Evans painting worth?

One point two million dollars

How much is 1 million great Britain pounds sterling in us money?

1 million US Dollars. I think. No sorry one british pound is worth 1.45 US dollars.. As of 10Feb09 GBP1,000,000 was worth USD1,484,500

How much were Vincent van gogh's paintings worth?

They were worth nothing in his lifetime. But in 1990 one of his paintings sold for 82 million dollars.

What is a million pounds in US dollars?

As of today (01APR2011), one million GBP is worth about $1,611,900 US Dollars.

How much is a Michael Jordan Commemorative Upper Deck Gold Stamp worth?

one hundred million dollars.

How much is an unopened 1976 Pearl Harbor survivors bottle of Jim beam worth?

one million dollars