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How much is tax in the US?

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depends on what part of the country and state and city you live in

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How much tax do you pay on clothing in US?

it depends on where in the US you are living

How much is the tax in us?

it's around 6%

How much is the 3DS in US?

$249.99 plus tax

Why are you charged so much tax when ordering from the US?


How much money does the US Government get from the tax on cigarettes?


How much US tax is assessed on a gold medal?

8900 ??

How much money does the US government collect in sales tax?


How much is 255.99 plus tax equal?

Probably more than $255.99 If you tell us what the tax rates are in your state/county/city, we can figure out how much more.

How much money does the US government collect in income tax?

2.16 trillion

How much US income tax is paid on a gold Olympic medal?


How much will Pokemon platinum cost when it first comes out in the US?

the answer is around 40.99 dollars without tax with tax it costs about 45.50

How much sales tax on 2000 dollars?

Not possible to answer- sales tax varies from one place to another- and YOU did not tell us the place in question.

How much in taxes is owed on a 1 thousand prize in Texas?

How much tax is owed on a 1,000 US dollars prize in Texas depends on your tax bracket. You must include details of your winnings when you file your federal tax return.

How much was tax on paper in 1773?

$61 dollars in modern day US currency.

How much is minecraft in 2013?

About $28 US dollars with tax. It is sold for $26.95 in stores.

How much was the tax on molasses?

how much was the tax on molasses

How much time does a Nintendo Wii cost in the US?

a Nintendo wii costs about $249.99 (plus tax of course) in the US

How much is import tax from China to the US?

It depends on whats being imported. US Customs or a customs broker can help you.

How much tax do people pay for cigarettes?

Sales Tax on cigarettes depends on what country you're in and which State you're in within the United States. The US I think had a Federal Tax, but States can also set their own tax.

How much tax would you pay on a US dollar?

Every State and sometimes every county in a state has different Sales Tax rates. Same with State Income Tax, depending on each State's Tax Burden.

How much tax do you pay on goods imported from the US?

The tax on imported goods that are bought from America, really depends on what you buy!!!!!!!! Check out to find out

How much is 87.99 plus tax?

That depends how much the tax is.

How much tax will you pay on 100k in the US?

You will pay between 10 and 20 percent on 100k of income in the US. The exact amount of tax paid varies greatly based on deductions and personal situations.

How much would the sales tax be at 6 percent on a car that cost 13495?

900$ us

Is there a tax on tea?

In the US, there is NOOO tax on tea.