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Depending on time in service a US Navy Captain (O6) makes from $6,897 to $9,910 per month in base pay. in year 2009

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Q: How much is the salary of a US Navy Captain?
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What is a captain in the us army equivalent to in the us navy?

A US Army Captain (an O-3) is the equivalent rank and grade of a US Navy Lieutenant (also an 0-3) A Navy Captain is an Army Colonel.

How much salary does a captain in the border patrol earn?

The Captain is one of the few paid positions on the US Border Patrol. The average yearly salary is around $68,000 per year.

Who was the first captain in the us navy?

Alfred mahan

What is salary of us navy commander?

120,000 dollars a year.

How many bells does a US Navy Captain get?

3 bells

What is equivelant in British navy for us navy captain?

A Royal Navy Captain is the same as a United States Navy Captain - it's the equivalent of a full Colonel in the armies of both countries. The next rank up is Commodore - Brigadier equivalent.

How much do military nurses get paid?

Acoording to: US Navy Nurse Salary in Dallas, TX: $32000.According to: Nurses can make up to around $53,000 annually.

Who was captain of the US battleship that exploded in Havana Harbor February 1898?

Captain Charles Dwight Sigsbee, US Navy.

Who commanded the USS Maine?

Captain Charles Dwight Sigsbee, US Navy.

What is the highest rank in the U.S. Navy captain admiral or commodore?

The highest rank in the US Navy is O-10 Admiral (4 stars). EXCEPT during wartime, when the rank of Fleet Admiral (5 stars) is attainable. A Captain in the US Navy is an O-6. Commodore is not used by the US Navy,

Was John F. Kennedy a commander in World War 2?

In the US Military, the TITLES of "Captain" and "Commander" can be both a RANK and/or POSITION. Examples: 1. A US Navy Ensign (Gold Bar rank insignia and equal to a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Army) can command a small craft, and legally be called the "Commander" or "Captain" of that small boat. Even though he is NOT a Captain or Commander in rank. 2. The US Navy DOES have the rank of Captain and Commander. And yet, a man wearing the insignia of a US Navy Captain (Silver Eagle) or a Commander (Silver Oak Leaf) may NOT BE IN COMMAND OF A VESSEL. He might be working a desk in some office, on some base somewhere. 3. Then, there is the man who is actually a US Naval Commander (wearing the insignia of a US Naval Commander-Silver Oak Leaf) who is commanding a US Navy Vessel. Or a US Navy Captain who is really a US Navy Captain (wearing the rank of a US Navy Captain-Silver Eagle) who is the Captain of the US Naval vessel. 4. The US Army, US Marines, US Air Force do NOT have the rank of "Commander" or "Lieutenant Commander" in their organizations. LT(jg)-Lieutenant Junior Grade (equal to a US Army 1st Lieutenant-Silver Bar) John F. Kennedy was the "Captain" and/or "Commander" of his Patrol Torpedo Boat (#109) during WWII.

Which has the highest a rank captain or colonel?

This is filed under US ARmy and US Navy, so let me clarify.. A Captain in the Army is pay grade O3, whereas a Colonel in the Army is pay grade O6. Colonel is the higher of the two. The Navy has a different rank structure for officers than the other branches. A Captain in the Navy is 06 - equivalent to Colonel. The rank of Colonel does not exist in the Navy.

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