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According to the University of Phoenix web site, business undergraduate programs are currently $550/credit + 90/course tech fee. Typically, each course is 3-4 credits and you will need approximately 120 credits to graduate. This amounts to around $70,000. Remember, this does not include any expenses other than tuition and tech fees.

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Tuition varies with the level and course study plus there is an additional fee for taking electronic (online) courses.

According to BigFuture, the 2012 per credit hour charge for the University of Phoenix is $420 to $435 plus an electronic course materials fee of $95, if applicable.

According to, tuition and fees were $9,937 for the 2012-2013 school year. CollegeCalc reports the tuition as $9,354 for all residents.

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It depends on the currency you're using. But I'll assume for the sake of the answer that you mean Rupees. It cost roughly 98000 Rupees per credit-hour to attend P on U.

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Q: How much is the tution for the university of Phoenix?
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