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1965 to 1969 Kennedy half dollars were all struck in 40% silver and have a bullion value of about $2.00

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Q: How much is the value of a 1965 Kennedy half dollar?
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1965 half dollar value letter e mint mark?

There are no mintmarks on 1965 Kennedy half dollars.

What is the value of a 2003 uncirculated Kennedy half dollar?

Half a dollar

What is the value of the Kennedy half dollar ment dates form 1965 - 1969?

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What is the value of a uncirculated 1965 Kennedy half dollar?

Uncirculated 40% silver Kennedy half's are very common. Average retail values for most are $4.00-$4.25.

How much does a 1965 half dollar weigh?

A 1965 Kennedy half dollar is 40% silver. It has a total weight of 11.5 grams.

Why is there no mint stamp on my 1965 Kennedy half dollar?

The US mint did not use mint marks on the 1965 half dollar coin.

What is the value of an uncirculated Kennedy half dollar?

It depends very much on the coin's date. Please check the questions "What is the value of a <date> Kennedy half dollar?". E.g. if your coin is from 1969, look for "What is the value of a 1969 Kennedy half dollar?".

1776 1976 kennedy half dollar value?

What is the value of this half dollar

What is the value of a 1966 US Kennedy half-dollar?

Kennedy half dollars minted 1965-1970 contain 40% silver and are currently worth just under $5.

What is the value of a 1967 Kennedy half dollar today?

As of 19 March 2016, 40% silver Kennedy halves (1965-70) are worth $2.34.

What is the value of 1960 Kennedy half dollar?

Check that coin again. Kennedy wasn't put on the half dollar until 1964.

What is your Kennedy silver dollar worth?

Kennedy is on the half dollar, not the silver dollar. As of February 2016, a 1964 Kennedy half is worth about $5.50, a 1965-1970 is about $2.25, and 1971 or later is 50 cents.

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