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The value of topaz depends on color, clarity, and size, as well as things like production and demand, wholesale or retail, cut or rough, so this question is unanswerable.

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How much does topaz cost per carat?

There are a few different types of topaz found in the world. These different types of topaz cost different amounts of money per karat.

Which stone is more valuable onyx or topaz?

Definitely topaz, onyx is much more abundant and is usually dyed (which is an accepted practice), if the topaz is natural, its worth much more. There are different types of topaz and colors as well. Some topaz can be very cheap like mystic or blue topaz which are both heavily treated and mass produced. But blue topaz can be natural too, in that case it would have some worth. The most valued topaz is natural imperial topaz. Sorry it may seem confusing why some topaz have more value and others do not; it all depends on whether it is natural or man-made/heavily treated--with the natural topaz having the most value and the man-made/heavily treated topaz very cheap. A lot of times you can tell the value of a gem by how well it is cut (but that's a whole other topic).

How much is a topaz worth?

Highly variable, according to size, clarity, color. Faceted colorless topaz is quite cheap, but a flawless deeply colored untreated Imperial Topaz over 10 carats would be very, very valuable.

What is worth more topaz or gold?


What is a 10 carat piece of blue topaz worth?

In my opinion I think it is worth about $690,0000

How much money did Topaz gross worldwide?

Topaz grossed $6,000,000 worldwide.

How much would a 24 karat blue topaz ring with diamonds be worth?

It would depend on how big the stones are and how many diamond it has on it...

How much money did Topaz gross domestically?

Topaz grossed $6,000,000 in the domestic market.

Does topaz float on water?

Topaz has a density of 3.4-3.6 which is much more than water has (1.0) , so topaz sinks in water.

What is a.53 carat clear topaz worth?

Cut or uncut? In reality it doesn't much matter... Bout 10 bucks retail.

How much do topaz cost?


How many different types of topaz are there?

There are white topaz,anastasia topaz,automn topaz,golden topaz,rainbow topaz,peacock topaz,green topaz,london blue topaz,blush\pink topaz,garnet.

How much does Topaz Adjust cost?


How much did the biggest blue topaz weigh?

Thar marbella stone I think it was called, which is the biggest blue topaz.

How much money is a blue topaz gem?


What is a Caribbean topaz?

Caribbean Topaz is a name for Titanium Treated Topaz commonly known as, Mystic Topaz.Caribbean Topaz is a name for Titanium Treated Topaz commonly known as, Mystic Topaz.

How much should it cost to replace the inner tie rods on a 1991 FORD Mercury Topaz?

1994 mercury topaz 4cyl

What is the luster of topaz?

Luster of Topaz is Vitreous

How much does a box of topaz 5 condoms costs?


What mountains can you find topaz?

Topaz Mountain is located in Utah (state gem is topaz) and it does have topaz in this mountain

What does color topaz mean?

Topaz occurs naturally in many colors, but rarely as pink and purple. Almost all pink and purple Topaz are yellow to brown stones that were heat-treated. Topaz from certain localities may turn colorless upon heating. Much of the deep blue Topaz on the market is heat-treated from colorless or white stones.The color of some Topaz specimens, namely those from Siberia, fade upon prolonged exposure to light. Such specimens should be stored in dark areas, and one should make sure not to buy a Topaz gem unless convinced that it won't fade. varieties of Topaz are:Imperial Topaz (is a lustrous orange-yellow to orange-brown variety of Topaz and is its most valuable gem form.)Pink TopazBlue TopazSilver Topaz (colorless)Brown TopazGreen Topaz

How much does a regular room in Topaz Hotel cost?

The Topaz Hotel is located in Washington DC. The cost of a one night stay at the Topaz Hotel can be anywhere from $135 to $460. Reservations can be made right on their website.

How much is a mystic topaz?

Mystic topaz is a relatively common stone. It, amongst the entire topaz family, has been found for many years and dates back to Egyptian myths. The price varies based on size and cut.

How much is a 5mm piece of topaz worth?

Like diamonds, the cost of topaz depends on the colour of the topaz and the clarity. I am not a jeweler, but was just reading that the pink ones are the most valuable followed by the more vibrant blues. The whitish blue ones aren't as valuable in comparison. Again, like diamonds, they can have inclusions (cracks or specks inside the stone) that make the stone less vibrant. This impacts the price as well as how well the stone is cut. The website I was reading says that topaz can range from $20 to $1000.

Where do you find the mineral topaz?

on the groun d pretty much anywhere