How much jail time will a first offender get if they are convicted of marijuana possession in California?

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How much time will you stay in jail if convicted of arson?

how much time will you stay in jail if convicted of arson It really all depends on how it started and if people were hurt (including animals). i have seen 3 people from the area i live go to prison for burning down a bussnis in town. they got 4 in prison and 6 years out... but i also know of some ( Full Answer )

How much jail time could you get in the state of Texas for violation of probation for misdemeanor possession of marijuana?

The full length of your probation! If you were sentenced to five years of probation, you could be sentenced to five years, even if the violation occurred on the last day of your probationary period. (That's a pretty tough pill to swallow--five years in prison when one year in jail was the most you c ( Full Answer )

How much jail time can you get for 8 pounds of marijuana?

Mucho jail time. Hire a good attorney and chances of less jail time become possible.. So, are you planning to proportion how much marijuana you transport to the expected jail time? Even so, it could be expensive considering lost income and life with your family.

How much time can a convicted felon get for possession of a firearm in Tennessee?

Be VERY careful - it's not only Tennessee you have to worry about. In addition to whatever penalty your state has for the firearms offense, it also remains a FEDERAL felony offense for a convicted felon to ever own or possess a firearm. The United States Code, in some cases, makes the penalty for il ( Full Answer )

How much time do you get for a gun charge first time offender?

I havent been in trouble for ten years and didnt realize that I couldn't own or possess a gun. My son Had a gun and my husband is a convicted felone and I didnt want the gun in my house so I pawned the gun to get it out of my house. I went to get the gun out today to give it back to my son and found ( Full Answer )

How much jail time for posession of marijuana?

Depends on where you live, here in Holland it won't be taken from you as long as its less then or equal to 5 grams Added: (in the US) This can vary by state law AND under federal law. Under a certain amount may be considered 'personal use' in some states while others will charge you for possess ( Full Answer )

How much jail time for assault 3 in Oregon for first time offenders?

my friend was just charged with this in oregon. they wanted to give him 72 months for a fight he didnt start. he did send the guy to the hospital but he was attacked first. he ended up taking the plea deal and received an 11 month sentence. not too cool

How much jail time in California for robbery?

It varies. California is run by the three strike policy, so depending on the offence and the defendants criminal record it can unfortunately vary from probation to a life sentence. You would have to be more specific.

Can a felony conviction for a first time offender be expunged?

Depending upon the crime and the statutes governing eligibility for expunction of your particular state, yes, it might be. Keep in mind, however, convictions for some crimes (e.g.: manslaughter, homicide, sex offenses, etc) are usually never expungable.

How much jail time will you have to do off a possession of marijuana with intent to sell you violated probation 4 years probation with 5 years suspended?

You will be charged with the new marijuana PWI offense and face court action for that charge. As far as the probation goes - the sentencing judge who gave you probation in the first place will have the final word on what they will do with you. They may send you inside to serve the entire remainder o ( Full Answer )

How much jail time can you get for sellling 30 grams of marijuana?

That depends greatly on the state. In Texas, possession of marijuana punishment is dependent on the amount (based on ounces), and Texas does not have a possession with intent to distribute for marijuana. I believe many other states to increase the punishment for intent to distribute even with mariju ( Full Answer )