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Approximately one acre.

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Q: How much land is required for a wind turbine?
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What technology is required to harness wind?


What speed of wind is required for a wind turbine to generate electricity?


How much does a land owner get paid for leasing their land for wind turbines?

A land owner with with wind turbines on their land get $3,000-4,000 a year. 1 wind turbine takes up 1/2 an acre of land. -Bethie

How much room does a wind turbine take up?

one hundred wind turbines take up one kilometre of land

How much wind can one wind turbine generate in one year?

A wind turbine is not designed to generate wind, it uses wind and generates electricity.

What is the most expensive part in a wind turbine?

the land where it stand

How much does it cost to maintain a wind turbine?

The cost to maintain a wind turbine is estimated to be about 2% of the original investment per year. The cost of a wind turbine is $50,000.

How much is a wind turbine?

5.2 billion

Roughly how tall is a land wind turbine?

it is roughly about 70 feet

Is a turbine a wind energy?

YES But only if you don't consider the massive amounts of energy required to make the wind turbine and get it into position. The actual energy conversion from wind to electricity is not great but it is free.

How much space would a land or homeowner need to operate wind turbine generators?

The most important thing to know about is your local laws. They will determine how much space they require for a wind turbine. However, half an acre of land is sufficinet if you are allowed to have one. It depends on how much power you want to generate, and if your land has sufficient wind (winds that are at least 10mph and sustained). Power generated is related to turbine size and spacing requirements. I'll assume you want a single residential sized wind turbine with about a 30 ft blade and a 120 foot height. That would need about 250 square feet of clear space.

How much wind does a wind turbine produce in a day?

depends on if it works