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Saturn is approximately 9.41 times larger than Earth.

You could fit about 833 Earths inside Saturn

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Q: How much larger is Saturn than Earth?
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Is Saturn smaller than Earth?

No, Saturn is much larger than Earth.

Is Saturn larger or smaller than the earth?

Much larger.

How much smaller is Saturn than the earth?

Saturn is 9.4 times LARGER than the earth

How many times larger diameter is Saturn than earth?

Saturn is about 9.41 times larger than the Earth

Does Saturn have a weaker or stronger gravity then earth?

Saturn's larger size make its gravity much stronger than the earth's.

What is Saturn's size compared with earth?

Saturn is much larger than the Earth. It has a radius about 9 times the size of the Earth's and its mass is more than 95 times that of the Earth.

Is earth larger than Saturn?

No, Saturn is the second largest planet in the solar system. Jupiter is the largest planet but both of them, along with Uranus and Neptune are all much larger than Earth.

Is Saturn larger than earth?


What is Saturn size compared to earth?

The gas giant, Saturn, is much larger than the Earth, having about 9.4 times the surface area of the Earth. Saturn-120,034 km Earth-12,756 km

Is the Earth bigger than Saturn?

No. Saturn is much larger than Earth. The equatorial diameter of Saturn is 120,536 km,about 9.5 times bigger than Earth's. The surface area of Saturn is 83 times the area of Earth. The volume is 764 times the volume of Earth. The mass of Saturn is 95 times the mass of the Earth.

Which planets has rings and is larger than earth?


How many planets in your solar system are larger than earth?

The four 'gas giants'.. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are all much larger than Earth.

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