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A liter is about 5% larger than a quart.

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A liter is slightly larger than a quart.

Yes, a litre is larger than a quart

A liter is slightly larger than a quart. A liter is 33.8 fluid ounces and a quart is 32 fluid ounces.

No. The liter is larger.

A liter is larger than a pint. A liter is also a measurement that is a little larger than a quart.

A liter is slightly larger than a quart.

no i think a liter is smaller then a 1 quart

No. 1 liter is larger than 1 quart.

A liter is greater than a (US) quart. A(n imperial) quart is greater than a litre.

A litre (liter) is larger than an American quart but smaller than an English quart.

A litre is slightly smaller than a US quart.

A liter is a bit larger than a quart. The liter is a metric measurement, but the quart is a "standard" measurement. All in all, 1 quart is about 0.946 liters (A quart is about 95% of a liter).

A US liquid quart is smaller than a liter:One US liquid quart equals .95 liter; one liter equals 1.06 US liquid quarts.A US dry quart and a UK quart are larger than a liter:One US dry quart equals 1.1 liter; one liter equals .91 US dry quarts.One UK quart equals 1.14 liter; one liter equals .88 quart.

a liter is larger than a quart. there is 3.8 liters per gallon and 4 quarts per gallon. Liter = 33.8 oz and a quart is 32 oz

A liter is slightly larger than a quart. A liter equals one quart plus 1.8 fluid ounces.

In US measure a quart is smaller than one litre. In UK measure a quart is larger than a litre. 1 US quart = 946 mL 1 Liter = 1000 mL so a quart is smaller by about 5 dessertspoons 1 UK quart = 1183 mL so a UK pint is larger than a liter by about half a cup

The English measure slightly larger than a liter is an Imperial Quart1 Imperial quart = 1.13652297 liters

a quart is slightly less than a liter a quart is 4 cups.

no a liter is bigger than a quart

One liter is slightly smaller than one quart. One liter is equal to approximately 1.057 quarts. One liter is also equal to 33.8 ounces.

A liter is slightly larger than a quart. You can use a rough conversion of 4x, although the exact answer is slightly less than 4x

a liter 1L = 33.8 oz 1 quart = 32 oz

A liter of water is a pint and three quarters. So closest to a quart.Answer:This is dependent on the quart you are considering.A liter is slightly larger than a US quart (1 US qt = 0.946 L) but slightly smaller than an Imperial quart (1 Imp. qt. = 1.137 L)

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