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You can get a "dub" for $20-$25 usally. A dub should weigh 1.5 grams

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How much marijuana will cause a dirty test?

As little as 25 milliliters of marijuana can cause a dirty test.

How much does marijuana cost in New Jersey?

it depends on how good the bud is and who you get it from $15-25 a g

How much jail time do you get for 25 pounds of marijuana in Connecticut?

Absolute minimum 20 years...

How much is 3 grams or marijuana in street talk aka nickel dime etc?

About a 25 sack

How much is marijuana?

mids = 25-30 an 8th hybrid = 50-60 an 8th an 8th is 3.5 grams

What is the relapse rate for marijuana users?


What is the penality for possession of marijuana in Texas?

25 to life

How much is 150 grams of marijuana?

i can get 25 grams fr bout 40 150 grams is like bout 250 bucks!

Why did Rick and Anne Steves divorce?

She did not enjoy marijuana as much as Steve does which led to friction, separation and ultimately the dissolution of their 25 year marriage.

You smoked marijuana 25 days ago for two days are you clean?

yes unless you smoked a bunch before that. depends how much fat you have.

How much is a pound of marijuana?

A pound of marijuana is a hell of a good time is what it is

How much marijuana do you use to make marijuana butter?

A quart an ace.

How much time can you get for a offense marijuana in Virginia?

Up to 20 years for your first offense under 20 grams. If you had more than that, you will get 25 to life.

How much is 16 grams of marijuana?

60 dollars depending on where you are, and what kind of marijuana it is.

How much marijuana is used?

Marijuana is the most used illegal drug in the world.

Can you hide marijuana in your anus?

Yes but depends on how much marijuana and how big your anus is

Is marijuana similar to Lexapro?

yes it is very much similar to marijuana. in fact they put tiny bits of marijuana in it to be effective

What is the cost of the drug marijuana?

a nick is 5 dollars a quart is 25

How much is a gram of pot?

Generally speaking, the quality of the Marijuana plays a major role. Anywhere from $20 for regular chronic to $25 for kush (high quality)...although most Medical Marijuana clinics will start out at $30 a gram for kush.

How much marijuana will impair your vision?

Too much marijuana will impair your vision. Only a little bit will impair your judgement.

What is a hard question on marijuana?

On average, how much marijuana is produced illegally each year?

How much prior to surgery should the use of marijuana be eliminated?

Marijuana is a precious substance.

How much does an eighth of marijuana cost in Virginia?

If its good marijuana then it cost around 50-60$ and if its bad marijuana then its 30-40$

How much jail time could you get for having 1 pound of marijuana?

I think 25 years but it all depends if your judge is in a good mood or pissed off

How much tar does marijuana have in it?