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Mount Kosciusko is 7310 feet high and 4884 meters high

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2228 Meters 7316 Feet.

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Q: How much meters in height is mt kosciuszko?
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How tall is Mt. Kosciuszko above sea level?

The tallest mountain in Australia, Mount Kosciuszko reaches a height of 2228 meters (7310 ft) above sea level.

Where is Australia's largest mountain?

Mt Kosciuszko at 2228 Meters (7310 ft)

What is the height of kosciuszko in Australia?

Mt Kosciusko is 7,310 feet (or 2,228 metres) high .

How high is mount Kosciusko in feet and meters?

Mount Kosciuszko is a mountain located in the Snowy Mountains in Kosciuszko National Park, New South Wales. With a height of 2,228 metres (7,310 ft) above sea level, it is the highest mountain in Australia.

What is the height of Mt McKinley in meters?

It is 6,193.7 meters.

The third highest mountain in Australia?

Australia's third highest mountain is Mt Twynam, in the Australian Alps, with a height of 2195m. It trails Mt Kosciuszko (2228m) and Mt Townsend (2209m).

What is the second highest mountain in Australia and what is its height in meters?

Australia's second highest mountain on the mainland is Mt Townsend, with an elevation of 2209m. It is located near Australia's highest mountain, Mt Kosciuszko, in the Australian Alps.There is still some debate about whether explorer Paul de Strzelecki named the highest mountain Kosciuszko or whether Mt Townsend was the higher, as his instrumentation was not completely accurate. There is some slight evidence to suggest that the map-makers assigned the alternate names to the mountains, and that Mt Townsend should in fact be called Kosciuszko and vice versa.

Where are you if you are at 2228 meters in Australia?

If you are at an elevation of 2228m in Australia, the only place you could be is on the highest mountain on the mainland - Mt Kosciuszko.

Is Mt Kosciuszko in New South Wales?

Yes. Australia's highest mountain, Mt Kosciuszko, is in New South Wales.

Who climbed Mt Kosciuszko?

Mt Kosciuszko was first climbed and named by Polish explorer Paul Edmund de Strzelecki.

How high is Mt Kosciuszko in kilometres?

Australia's highest mountain, Mt Kosciuszko, is 2228 m high. This equates to 2.228 km.

What is the height of mt toubkal?

Mt. Toubkal is 13,665 ft/ 4,165 meters.