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The pay rates vary but most baby models are paid anywhere from $25-75 per hour. This could be much higher if the baby model is represented by an agency.

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Q: How much money do baby models make?
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How much does baby make a year?

Babies do not make money

How much money do models make a year?

supermodels can make millions of dollars

How much money do the models on the price is right make?

I don't know how much the models on "The Price is Right" make but an average model make 59,000 dollars a year. :)

How much money does a baby doctor make?


How much does price is right models make?

How much do price is right models make

How much money do models earn in the Philippines?

It depends on how much their agency can secure for the models as well as the type of project. Most models can make a few hundred dollars a day or an hour, while the more in demand models can make up to $1000+ or more per day.

How much money do you make at a baby sitting job?

You can make good money if you take a job babysitting and you do the job well. How much money you make would depend on how long you babysit for, and who you babysit for.

World class male fitness models make how much money?

There are no exact figures but fitness models in the world class category can make thousands of dollars per shoot.

How much money does Baby Phat make?

980 billion per year

How much money does baby phat make a year?

980 Billion Dollars Check Baby Phat on Wikipedia.

How much money do supermodel make?

$40 to $50 million dollars a year. Not all models make that kind of money. Other models make $100,000. it depends on ho0w beautiful they are, amd if they have potential. or if they have a figure.

How much do models make a year?

The amount that models make per year varies depending on the age of the model and the type of job. Some models earn ten thousand dollars per photo shoot, while others are paid that much in a whole year.