How much money does a CIA make a year?

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The salary range for a CIA agent is $52,976 to $81,204 per year. However some CIA agents can earn up to $100,000 per year.
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How much money does a RN make a year?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the estimated mean annual wage for registered nurses as of May 2008 is, $65,130. This would amount to $31.31 per hour. Median annual wages of registered nurses were $62,450 in May 2008. The middle 50 percent earned between $51,640 and $76,570. The low ( Full Answer )

How much money do dentists make a year?

Answer#1 If you make 50,000 a year- you are a terrible dentist. 150,000. They make around 100,000 and 136,000 for a "Successful Dentist" and "Unsuccessful Dentist" makes only about 75,000 a year. Answer #2 In the USA the typical Dentists average income is the "Median income" Lower $ 117,26 ( Full Answer )

How much money will a pilot make in a year?

This varies. Okay .Pilots make up to $75,000 and really good pilots make like $100,000 !! Some Pilots only make $20,00 a year. A lot depends on your experience, for whom you work , and hours logged . Don't count on the big bucks without a few years of experience as a commercial or private pilot ( Full Answer )

How much money does the CIA make?

Answer . \nThe CIA is not a profit center or corporation. As a government agency, they are your tax dollars at work.

How much money does Pokemon make a year?

about $1000000 per hour.Of course you would think that they will be trillioners or more but the truth is that they have to waste alot of that money to create the show cause their not the ones making it.hope it helps.

How much money does an accountant make in a year?

The amount of money an accountant makes depends on where the accountant is working (what country, what part of the country), what kind of company he works for and her experience and technical qualifications. Some can make $120,000 to $260,000, but some make a good deal less.

How much money does congress make a year?

The members of the US Congress, as of January 1, 2008, are paid $169,300 per year. Click on the "Congressional Salaries" link below to read about the history of the salaries of the members of Congress, which started out in 1789 at $6 per day. the brake down is: 365 days in a year each day they ( Full Answer )

How much money does a Chef make a year?

Culinary Job Title Annual Earnings of Middle 50% . Cooking Assistant. $22,233 - 28,695. Executive Chef. $57,471 - 87,563. Executive Pastry Chef. $47,756 - 71,559. Food Scientist. $49,862 - 75,800. Hotel Manager. $68,000 - 124,756. Line Cook. $20,169 - 26,396. Restaurant Manager. ( Full Answer )

How much money does a postman make a year?

my dads a postman and gets £20000 a year, he works for royal mail, full time nightshift! update from johnyrocker. post men or women earn about £7.50p a hour they work 8 hours a day and 4 hours on the weekend. They don't get any extra money for the Saturday. £7.50 x 8 = £60.00 a day ( Full Answer )

How much money does Google make a year?

Google's 2010 Annual Revenue $29.32 Billion ; a 24% increase from its $23.65 Billion annual revenue in 2009. Google's 2010 Net Income $8.51 Billion ; a 30% increase from its $6.52 Billion Net Income in 2009. Source:

How much money does Gatorade make a year?

Gatorade is just one of the products that is manufactured and soldthrough the Pepsi Cola Bottling Company. This company hasreportedly made $10.1 billion in profit. Of this average $229million dollars in profit each quarter is the result of Gatoradesales.

How much money do obgyn's make a year?

The amount you make can vary greatly depending on where you work, and how long you have been working in this profession. But the average yearly wage is around 90,000$ - 160,000$.

How much money do artists make a year?

Artists make anywhere from a few hundred to millions of dollars ayear. Their success depends on their level of skill and theirability to attract customers to their work.

How much money does apple make in a year?

Apple's worldwide annual revenue totaled $170 billion in 2013.Apple entered the top ten of the Fortune 500 list in May 2013,sitting at number six.

How much money does a otolaryngologist make in a year?

One thing that can really improve earnings and reduce overhead is a good EMR system. I have a very busy practice, though I only work 4 1/2 days a week and take 4 weeks a year off. My first year in practice I earned about $450K, the next year $525K and last year $670K. I am the busiest surgeon at my ( Full Answer )

How much money a vet makes in a year?

It all depends on what kind of vet it is on $200K to $300K a year after buying a running consultancy. If you start from scratch and open your practice, you can hope to make the same amount, but it may take some time to build clientele. After 10 years in the business, making close to $500 K a year is ( Full Answer )

How much money does celebritys make a year?

it depends, singers make about 3 million a year . and actors make about 6 million a year . and directors make about 50 million a year . if that answers your question

How much money does a neurologists make in a year?

This question does not make sense. Neurologists (sic) could make any amount of money they wanted as a group. I would guess a practicing neurologist would make anything between 50 and 200k. OIr maybe more. Pure guesswork though.

How much money does dell make a year?

An average deli may not clear a lot of money the first year. Theaverage amount is 12,000 a year the first year. This depends on alot of factors including location and customer base.

How much money does an artist make in a year?

This is completely dependent on what you are creating art for (scale, size, amount of time you spend on it), who you are creating art for and how famous/sought after your work is. Many independent artists that are lesser known tend to charge per the hour eg. if a painting take 4 hours, then you can ( Full Answer )

How much money does a stuntman make a year?

It is stuntperson not stunt man. They make around $50,000 to $200,000 a year for experienced stuntpeople. For not experienced I am not sure.

How much money does Ronaldo make a year?

Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo makes 21 million EUR per year (as ofthe year 2014). In USA dollars, this is equivalent to $28.5 milliondollars

How much money does sport make a year?

depends on the sport you do. if you do football you will make more than a track person or a soccer person. if you are male you will make more than females because society perfers men over women.

How much money does eBay make a year?

John J. Donahoe, the current CEO of Ebay, makes about $13,190,170 in total compensation. Wouldn't that be nice! and then he has anal sex with craigslist

How much money does slash make in a year?

around 5 to 7 million dollars, he still makes a lot from guns n roses sales, since he started this most recent band with myles kennedy he is making a lot more than he was due to the quality of the music and also how famous he is.

How much money does policemen make in a year?

Depends. Anywhere from 28,000 to 37,000 to start. Some cities have offered up to 10,000 dollars in bonus to sign up. (Dallas, TX in the early 2000's)

How much money do verterinarians make a year?

This varies widely depending on the type of practice the veterinarian is in. A first year mixed animal practitioner may make only $55,000 a year while an experienced veterinarian who owns his own small animal practice could make over $500,000.

How much money do Ethiopians make a year?

Government politician: average 110,000.00 usd. Government employee: average 1,000.00 usd. Private sectors: average 20,000.00 usd Other citizen(farmers): average 100 usd. The rest(more than 70%): waiting for 1 die