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How much money does a Nintendo game developer earn?

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50-200k a year

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How does a free game developer really earn money?

Asking people to donate, and advertising are really the only ways a free game developer can earn money without being qualified as a "Shareware game developer".

What are the efffect of computer piracy?

A game developer will usually release their game for a set amount of money. When someone pirates, or steals said game, the developer does not earn the money that they originally intended to receive.

How much money did Nintendo earn from the Game-Boy advance?


Is an R4 card illegle?

no it is not that is a r4 card it for the Nintendo ds r4 card is not legal in most country. as it hurt the benefit of Nintendo and game developer. with the r4 card, user can play most DS games for totally free. they won't pay any money to game developer. So Nintendo is beating flashcard all the time.

How much does a Game developer earn?

Depends on the company and what part of the game he/she makes

How does one make official Nintendo DSi software?

You must be a licensed Nintendo game developer to make Nintendo DSi software. The portal for all official Nintendo developers is at At that site, they have a requirements and application page to become an official developer for Nintendo. ----

For Sims 2 on Nintendo DS how do you get money fast?

buy a casino, then gamble for money, you earn hundreds of dollars in one game of cards.hope i helped.x

What is a video game developer?

a company/ person who makes video games. Ex: nintendo, sony.

How many money does a game maker get in a year?

It depends on the type of game you are making, what audience you are targeting, and how much experience you have developing games. Novice and junior game developers earn much less money than a senior game developer, who has the most experience out of the entire crew creating games.

How do you find a game developer?

Search on the job market and I hope you have enough money for it.

Does Nintendo make more money than Microsoft in the video game market?

Yes, by far in the video game market. But Microsoft makes more money then Nintendo out of the video game market.

What is the best game to earn money on club penguin?

I reckomend Puffle Roundup is a great game to earn fast money!

How much money does a Nintendo game make a mouth?

We Cant Tall you love Nintendo CEO

Does Nintendo use a certain type of software to design video games?

Developing Games requires MANY programs and Professionals to use them. 3-D animation programs, photoshop, etc There is something called an SDK (Software Developers Kit) which developers need in order to make games for a specific console. If a developer wants to make a Wii game, they must get this Kit from Nintendo so that the programmers can program the game for the Wii. For Nintendo to give the developer the SDK would involve some legal agreements such as agreeing to pay Nintendo a lot of money for the privilege to make the wii title.

What is the difference between a game publisher and a game developer?

The difference between a game publisher and a game developer is that a game publisher makes the game go out in stores and the developer is the one who makes the game.

Can the companies that make Nintendo DS games be released for PS2 and PS3?

Whether the individual company that makes a game for Nintendo DS can release them for other systems is definitely yes if they are not working for Nintendo and there license does not require that the game is exclusive. Call of Duty Black Ops was made for the Nintendo DS along with many other systems. Treyarch was the developer for most of the platforms and n-Space developed the Nintendo DS version for Activision who is the publisher that makes the games. N-Space is a licensed Developer for PlayStation and Xbox 360 besides Nintendo DS & Wii. Companies must be licensed to develop a game for a system and that license could require that the game be exclusive.

What does it mean if someone says a game is a First Party or Third party game?

a first party game is made by the same developer as the console is made from. any MArio game is a first person game because it is made by Nintendo were a game such as guitar hero is a 3rd party game because it isn't made by Nintendo itself.

What game system will Call Of Duty Black Ops be on?

The November 9 2010 release was for the Nintendo Wii, PS3, PC, and Xbox 360. There was also a Nintendo DS version that was also released on that date, but the game was designed by a different developer

How is money involved in sports?

By playing good game you can earn good money

How much money do video game designers earn if the console sells extremely well?

How much money do video game designers earn if the console sells extremely well?

Is there a cheat to get endless zbucks on zwinky?

no there is not but every day go on crash game EARN MONEY QUCKLY no there is not but every day go on crash game EARN MONEY QUCKLY

What is the Poptropica game about?

In Poptropica you have to save islands and earn medals. You can earn money and buy costumes.

Will Poptropica be a Nintendo Wii game?

Poptropica do have enough money. But probably not.

What does a game developer do?

A video game developer is Software developer That creates video games such as on Console , PC , Wii , Psp etc .

How much money does a game keeper earn?

A game keeper will roughly earn 11,000 to 18,000 a week and 60,000 a week in extreme cases.