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How much money does a computer aided drafter and designer earn?

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between 34,000 - 45,000 per yr

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What are the advantages and disadvantages computer aided engineering CAE?

CAE (Computer Aided Engineering), advantages are that it's less time-consuming and saves you money by visually designing and improving designs.

How much money does a drafter make?

Between $35,000 and $55,000 a year depending on the tipe of drafter

How much money does a architectural drafter make?

The amount of money an architectural drafter earns depends on several factors: location, size of firm, years of experience, and type of architecture (commercial vs residential).

How much money does a cartographer survey drafter earn for Bahrain?

You can earn money from your survey through this link://

How can you become a creature designer for the Pokemon games?

You have to get a job at Nintendo earn your animating and computer knowledge then start your job as a Pokemon company designer. but you need a degree to get more money.

Do doctors and interior designer make the same amount of money?

designer makes more money

How much money is earned by a fashion designer?

How much spend money

What is the potential for advancement as a Web Designer?

' Gettin Money , !

How much money does a production designer earn?


How much money does a sound designer make?


What is the benefit of retiring from being a fashion designer?

they get money

Which makes more money a wedding planner or interior designer?

It would really depend. But on average an interior designer.

Are designer womens handbags value for money?

It depends on the designer. SOme purses are worth the money you put into them. However, there are some that are marked up, or some fake bags that will trick you. Make sure you know what tolook for in a real designer purse.

How much money does a web designer make in 1 year?

well my dad is a graphic designer if you meen that it is 10k (10,000)

What did France do in the Revolutionary War?

they aided the United States by giving them weapons, money, soldiers, etc.

What is needed to become a fashion designer?

Connections, creativity, money.

How much money does an architectural technician designer earn?

How much money does a fashion designer make?

$57000 a year

How much money does a board game designer make?

you ask me!

How much money does a logo designer make?

40,000 -60,000

How much money does a famous fashion designer make?

in the millions

How much money does a Lego designer make a year?


How much money do game designer?

over 300,000 dollars

How much money does a junior designer earn?

A junior designer makes around 50,000 to 60,000 dollars a year. There is plenty of room to become a full fledged designer as they perfect their craft.

How much money does a web designer makes?

The average starting salary for a web designer is just under $35000 a year, but it really depends on the kind of web designer you are there are great variations.