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Landscape Work Pay

It depends on how you're being paid, by the job or hourly, working for a company or yourself. Hourly, it should be anywhere from 8-15 dollars an hour.

That is a very hard question to answer. It depends on how smart (not hard) you work. I owned a landscape company that did ok. My best week (6 long days of 10 hours each) I grossed over $42K and brought home $13K. Not too bad for no education and only a week of work.

The company also did maintenance with a base of $11K per month. My salary was $5K per month off maintenance only (After taxes, net pay). Landscape installations or extras = extra pay for me.

I am ready to quit my fulltime job and go back into landscaping. Money is way too good.

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Q: How much money does a landscaper earn?
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