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How much money does a physical therapist get paid a month?


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they get paid 3337 dallors a month


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The average for an animal physical therapist to make is $36,000 unfortunately.

Physical therapists can make $54,000 to start, up to $71,000 after 20 years, depending upon location.

They make about $57,000-$80,000 a year.

Including handjobs, $2,000,000 >:)

There is no way to tell exactly how much a physical therapist aide earns unless you ask them. Different people make different amounts of money.

The average salary for a physical therapist assistant is $52,320 per year. Physical therapists earn more than the majority of healthcare jobs.

a therapist should make about 100 to 150 dollars a month

Average is 86,000 high is 101,000 low is 69,000

depends on where and when you work. private practice or for a hospital

The salary of a physical therapist can differ greatly depending on the level of expertise the individual has. However, median wages were pegged at $79,860 in 2012.

How much money does a massage therapist earn?

The amount of money that a physical therapist assistant make in Texas varies depending on their level of experience and employer. On average they make about $52,000 per year.

What is the range of an Equine Therapist Salary?

physical therapist who work for the NFL make 60000,00000 dollRS A YEAR

If you have your own practice then the sky is the limit, usually around 60K plus.

how much does an recreation therapist make in Canada?

== == In England, you can earn between 18000 pounds and 30000 pounds In England a sports therapist earns 18000 pounds to 30000 pounds

A therapist makes 68,000 a year A therapist makes 68,000 a year

As a Physical Therapist in Texas with a Doctorate degree I earn $150,000 per year specializing in Pediatrics.

A physical therapist aid makes about $40,000 a year. This can vary greatly depending on their experience and where they work.

When you go to school to become Physical therapist you do not have to worry too much about salary as being a pHysical therapist gives you great opportunity to have secured and well paying job. Physical therapist salary varies due to different factors. On an average Physical therapist salary is 78000$ with many making more than average salary.

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