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How much money does a police chief earn in Dallas Texas

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Q: How much money does a police chief earn in Dallas Texas?
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How much money does a police chief earn in Toronto?

10 pounds an hour

Does Texas collect an income tax?

yes how will they get money for air in the police depatment...there not going to pay it

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How much money does a tucson police officer make?

As of July 2012 the city of Tucson provides the following compensation: Police Officer: $45,510.00 - $60,985.60; Police Detective: $47,819.20 - $67,288.00; Police Sergeant: $74,131.20 - $77,854.40; Police Lieutenant: $86,049.60 - $109,844.80; Police Captain: $96,116.80 - $123,032.00; Police Chief: $137,446.40 - $178,235.20.

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the police force stops crimes and makes lots of money

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How much money does a police chief earn?

== == Depending on the size of the city, anywhere between 60K to 200K/yr. Average about 100K. Depending on the size of the city, anywhere between 60K to 200K/yr. Average about 100K.

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regular money

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how much money an hour can a psychologist earn in Houston, Texas

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