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R50000 thousand a month


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It depends on what type of scientist you are; a rocket scientist or a lab technician; a brain surgeon or a government soil tester. Ask again with more specific information.

Abdul Karim - soil scientist - was born in 1922.

Abdul Karim - soil scientist - died in 1973.

Most people, including soil scientists, call them 'soil scientist.' There are also two terms that exist that I rarely hear used: edaphologist - This is a soil scientist who studies soil as a medium for plant growth. This includes specialists in soil fertility and soil management, for example. pedologist - This is a soil scientist who studies soil as a natural body. They study soil formation, development, change over time, how the soil reacts to environmental change, etc. Many soil scientists today play both roles, which is probably why the two terms are seldom used.

they blah... and blaah about it

you can put water on the soil and play around with the soil and it will turn out to be mud......... I don't know ask someone because Im just making this thing up I ain't know scientist ask a scientist not me

soil scientists study pedology, so they can also be considered pedologists.

If by "dirt" you mean the sand, soil, rock and other matter that make up the earth's crust, the person studying this would be a geologist. soil scientist

what type of soil is needed to grow money plant

they study different particles in the soil and collect information for different ways to keep it safe.

Scientists who study farms, crops, and soil are known as agronomists.

A soil scientist is someone who studies and knows about the properties of the types of soil on the earth's surface. Of what they are composed, how they behave under various types of mechanical or chemical stress, their value to agriculture, how they may be improved, how they are distributed around the globe and so on.

They simply pour acid or spit saliva into the soil as a scientist myself I would like to advice youngster not to pollute the soil ok!

an agronomist is an scientist who studies agriculture, such as soil and crop-raising

I think that is an organism that can fix nitrogen from the air into the soil so plants can use it. The farmer does not have to add as much to the soil to fertilize, therefore saving money.

Some Caribbean scientist and their work are: Bert Achang- Clinical Pathologist Nazeer Ahmal- Soil Scientist Rudranath Capildeo- Mathematician Ivan Chang-Analytical Chemist Edsel Edmunds- Nematologist

its how much water the soil can absorb

How much water will clay soil hold?

It all depends on the weight of the soil and what type of soil it is to find how much two feet of soil weighs.

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