How much money does a warehouse associate make at Home depot In California?

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How much does a Home Depot manager make?

Assistant store managers get around $50k and work 15 hour days. They can double that with bonuses every quarter. Store Managers make $70k+ and can double that with bonuses, most make a 7-5 schedule for themselves but when needed they work longer. (not all the time)

How much money does a pediatrician in Southern California make?

Salary Calculator Tool . There is a "salary calculator" tool on this website:\n\n. \nEnter the job title and zip code for your area and it will provide you with the average salary comensurate with the job as well as a job description.\nAnna Webb

How much money does a Home Depot lot associate earn?

9.50 an hour in California I Worked There For 3 Months As A Lot Associate And Was Making $10.50 An Hour in Maryland How much does someone in Georgia working at Home Depot make an hour?

How much is Home Depot worth?

how much home depot is worth ? . \nhome depot is worth 210,000,000 dollars right now in its stock market share!

How much money does a home appraiser make?

Answer . If you go to they have a salary calculator. You enter what area you live in (since the pay range changes from area to area) and a job title. This will tell you the average income in your area for the job as well as the upper and lower ranges.

How much does Home Depot pays their employees?

homedepot employee Homedepot, like many other stores, has a variety of jobs. Most employees start out with minimum wage and try to work their way up the scale. Currenty federal minimum wage in now $7.35 an hour. Actually, I have yet to find a home depot or a home depot employee making minimum ( Full Answer )

How much would Home Depot be to buy?

The total value of Home Depot's stock is approximately 1.69 billion US Dollars. However, you do not need to buy all stock to be said to "own" a company. Buying one share - as of May 13, 2010, a little under $36 - would qualify you as an owner. To have substantive input, you would want to be an "i ( Full Answer )

How much money do home inspectors make?

Answer . Indpendent home inspectors make from 225.00-300.00 per inspection. Inspectors that work for large companies make considerably less as they line the pockets of their employer. It takes a while to build up refferals and will take a lot of legwork on your part in the beginning, but it is n ( Full Answer )

How much does a Home Depot lumber associate make?

not enough... Home Depot hires everyone at different rates. Essentially they want to hire people at the lowest scale. They hire you as part time but give you full time hours....this way they don't have to pay you benefits (because your are technically still part time). They will also hire you in on ( Full Answer )

How much do you get paid at Home Depot?

23-27 dollars an hour Most employees are part time. $8.75 is usually the starting rate. Same for full time. managers do not even make $23 an hour. At least in Pennsylvania.

How much does a warehouse manager make?

The amount that a warehouse manager makes depends on where theywork and the city or state. The average salary varies between$70,000 and $75,000.

How much does a Home Depot sales associate make?

the home depot is cheap and the mangers don't want to dig into their bottom line god fobid you take away from their bonus. I make $9.24 an hour how do they expect people to survive.

How much money does a cook make a year in California?

It depends exactly where in California. Some make 10-20thousand a year while others can easily make over 100thousand in a year. Of course depending on where you go to work and of course your culinary skill level.

How much money does a veternarian make in california?

According to 2013 numbers the average salary for a veterinarian in California is $86,000/year (10% higher than the national average). Obviously, the salary will vary and be much higher with experience (years in practice), location (veterinarians in large cities earn more), education (board certif ( Full Answer )

How much does Home Depot pays in ca?

a starting Cashier position at the Home Depot in California is $ 9.05, they say their are all kind of raises and opportunities but there arent many at all. Whatever you do....don't work for this place. They got caught stealing money out of my paycheck and promised to give me the money back several ( Full Answer )

What is a freight team associate at Home Depot?

Generally freight team associates for the Home Depot will work at nights or in the evening. They will retrieve freight from the receiving department and work to pack the freight out onto the shelves. The remaining freight that will not fit is placed into the over head.

How much money do Plumber make in California?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the estimated mean annual wage for Plumbers, Pipefitters, and Steamfitters as of May 2008 is, $49,200. This would amount to $23.65 per hour. Plumbers, pipelayers, pipefitters, and steamfitters are among the highest paid workers in construction occupat ( Full Answer )

How much money does California teachers make?

Typical start amount is around $40 K. Dependent on district, education, and amount of years in teaching, this can increase to about $80-90K. However, this amount is less typical without a masters and at least 30+ years.

Home Depot Scratch and dent warehouse?

The Home Depot sells appliances that have been scratched or dentedin their scratch and dent warehouse. These appliances workperfectly fine and sometimes the scratch or dent is very small, butyou can often find large discounts at these stores throughout thecountry.

How much money does a person with an associate degree in English make?

Salary, earning potential, and marketability are not only determined by the type of field you are in and the degree you possess. It depends on your position within that field, the institution you work for, your experience, expertise, personal abilities, critical thinking skills, problem solving abil ( Full Answer )

Home much does an outside sales rep make at Home Depot?

Straight commision!!! You are responsible for your leads. I have been here for two months and made a total of $40 on commision...they pay minimum wage for training in the first six weeks. All their salesmen are starving, no matter what they tell you. It really, really sucks. ADDED by another memb ( Full Answer )

How much money does a massage therapist make a year in California?

Depending on which part of California you are from. In the metropolitan cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Cruz etc.., You can make as minimum of 45 dollars an hour depending where you work. Each year you are given the choice to get another certificate, for example you have you ( Full Answer )

Who makes aquadyne showerheads for Home Depot?

I had to search the internet for a long long time (in google time)and could not find it until I called Home Depot Internet and theywere able to tell me the company name, Homewerks. See Related Link.

How much money you have to get to make your own home?

It depends tremendously on where you want to get a house. Generally, you will need to get a loan to obtain a house and usually you will have to have a percentage of that mortgage (perhaps 10%).

How much does a Pepsi warehouse make?

A warehouse doesn't "make" anything. It is a storage facility. The questioner might be meaning to ask "How much does a Pepsi warehouse employee make?" which is a different question - and is probably unanswerable as this would depend on where the warehouse is, what the employee's duties are and how ( Full Answer )

How much money does a Probation officer make in California?

The average annual salary for Probation Officers and Correctional Treatment Specialists in San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont,California is about $82,520. An entry level person can expect an annual salary of $63,810 while a more senior level person can expect a salary of $97,530. The average hourly wa ( Full Answer )

How much to vault associates at the Home Depot make?

I was hired as a cashier 2 years ago for $8.40 an hour, moved up to $8.66, then $9.00, and now as a Vault associate I make $9.40. My co-worker in the vault makes $15.88. Tell me how that is fair.

Do Home Depot associates get discounts on cars?

Actually, I work for the Home Depot and I was recently told that we do at certain dealerships. If you work with the Home Depot, just ask the dealer, it wouldn't hurt to try. :) I'm not sure if there is a list of dealerships or not, but when buying a car, just ask them. Most of the time there is.

How much are coat hooks at Home Depot?

Most single coat hooks at Home Depot are in the $2-$8 range. They are available in store or online at these prices. The metal or finish used will affect the price.

How much income is acceptable when you make money from home?

The average salary for work-at-home jobs varies depending upon the field of work, the experience, and the person. If someone is working by completing simple tasks and surveys, his or her income will generally be low. However, there are many computer jobs that can pay average to high salaries, such ( Full Answer )

How much to buy stock at Home Depot?

To buy stock OF Home Depot costs somewhere between $80 and $90 per share, depending on what day it is. But you can't buy stock AT Home Depot because they're not licensed to sell stock to customers. Any stockbroker or online brokerage can get you all you want, though.

In California how much money can you make and still collect unemployment?

That depends on how much you qualify to receive from unemployment without earnings. . For example, let's say you are qualified to get $400/week and you are making $200/week from a part-time job. You report those earnings to unemployment and they subtract the $200 from your normal $400. . So to ans ( Full Answer )

What is a lot associate Home Depot?

Lot associates retrieve shopping carts from cart corrals, gather up carts customers leave out on the lot, and help load customers' orders into their vehicles.

What is Freight Team Associate at home depot?

Freight Team associates stock shelves after the store closes.That's the best time to do it because you can use lift trucks inthe store without spotters if there are no customers in thebuilding.