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Free for free games

$1 for 100 points

$2 for 200 points

$3 for 300 points....

....and so on

Every point costs 1 cent

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Q: How much money does it cost for dsi points?
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How much does 100000000 Dsi points cost?

100000000 Dsi points cost 100000000 cents, or $1000000.Save up your money if you want that!

How much does DSi points cost?

DSi Points, like Wii Points, cost $20 for 2,000. In other words, one DSi Point costs one cent.

How much does a1000 points dsi points cost?

£9 if you buy it through the DSi Shop itself.

How much does mixed messages cost on the Nintendo DSi shop?

500 dsi points

How much does a DSI points card that has 2000 points cost?

1 DSi point is worth one cent so the card will cost $20.00 (CAD/USD)

How much does 3000 Nintendo DSi points cost?

30 bucks in he U.S.

How much money is the dsi XL going to cost?

About $179.99

Does it cost money to get internet on the DSi?

No,it doesn't cost money to get internet into a DSi. The internet already comes on the DSi.

How much money would you get if you sold your DSi XL at GameStop?

about as much as it cost

Does it cost money to buy items from dsi shop?

Yes. you can use a credit card or a points card.

How much does a Nintendo DSi Points card cost?

A Dsi and wii card together costs about $20.00 in Canada and gives you 2000 points to use in wii shop channel and Dsi shop channel!

How much is twenty dollars worth for a wii or dsi app?

8000 wii points to buy apps with, typical game on dsi cost 200 wii points