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On space exploration, NASA spends about $18.7 billion, however only $5-7 billion goes towards space exploration. The remaining money goes towards health care, operation, cross agency and others.

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Q: How much money goes into space travel annually?
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Will i get my money back if my travel agency goes bankrupt?

Not likely. Bankrupt means that they have no money.

How does light travel trough space?

Light goes incredibly fast through space, bouncing off objects.

Does the earth travel in space?

Yes. The Earth travels in space as it goes around the Sun in it's annual orbit.

How has the space shuttle revolutionised space travel?

Yes! As far as space travel goes, Shuttles are basically our only way, at the moment, to travel far distances in the endless reaches of space. Apart from rockets which take take us from earth into space, and carry the heavy loads, shuttles are what are used mainly.

When sound doesn't travel in space when where it goes that a man couldn't hear?

i thin so it touches the space and it seems to we can say that it goes to space and different spaces add and creates a large sound who we can't hear

Does the international space station travel faster than a bullet?

Yes. It goes a lot faster than a bullet.

What is community tourism?

It means that people can travel to tourist destinations and some of the money goes to help local communities.

How fast does a space shuttle travel in 500 seconds?

To escape the Earths gravity the shuttle goes 17,500 miles an hour. You can use that value to figure out how far it goes in 500 seconds.

Where does the space shuttle travel in space?

The space shuttle only goes into Earth orbit, no other place, ever. It can't go to the Moon as it is too heavy for available rockets to take it there, and there is no air on the Moon for its wings to do any landing.

What are the advantages of a space shuttle when it goes into space or even when it is getting ready to do a launch into space?

the shuttle goes fast and when it is in space,it become less weight so it goes easier on the space shuttle.

What do you call the meaning of the word for a person who travels in space?

The dictionary definition is astronaut! Here is the meaning of the word. An astronaut is a person who goes into space. Astronauts travel in spaceships. Some astronauts have walked on the moon.

What in space goes on forever?