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how much you got??????????????

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Q: How much money is it to convert a manual transmission to an automatic?
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Can you convert automatic transmission to a manual transmission for a 2004 mazda6?

Yes, a 2004 Mazda 6 can be converted from an automatic transmission to a manual transmission. However, it is very time consuming and will cost a lot of money to do this.

Can you change an automatic transmission into a manual transmission?

Yes, if you have lots of money. Bad idea! Sell the A/T car and buy a manual.

What is the price to convert an automatic 2000 Saturn sl2 into a manual?

Going from a manual to an automatic is not that hard but going from automatic to manual is a not easy. This will be a very expensive conversion unless you buy a donor car to get parts from. From my experience I suggest if you want a Saturn with a manual transmission then sell the one you have and go buy one with a manual. You will be money ahead.

What needs to be done to change a 1990 Wrangler automatic transmission on the column to a manual transmission on the floor?

Have a donor vehicle for the necessary parts. Otherwise, get ready to spend more money on parts than you thought possible to convert this vehicle to manual. A very simple and wise decision is to sell this Wrangler and go buy one with a Manual transmission. You will be money ahead.

Can an automatic transmission of a 1994 Honda Accord be converted to a manual transmission?

You Can perform an engine swap to a h22a manual or a b16 manual. You will get more power with the h22a but the motor cost money.

Can a manual mini cooper sport or a peugeout 106 be changed to an automatic transmission and whats the cost?

you are better off trading the car in for an is not worth the time or money.

Would it be worth the money AND effort to change the automatic transmission to a manual transmission on a 1993 300ZX?

No its not worth it unless ur going to do a tt motor swap. check out

How do you convert a 1991 Chevrolet v8 automatic into a manual?

Lift the radiator cap and drive a manual shift Chev under it. Seriously, the computer controls won't function properly if you change the transmission and unless you're willing to put a LOT of money into the vehicle, don't even start.

What is involved in an automatic to manual transmission swap in a 1995 Eagle Talon TSI AWD?

The basics are money, time, parts, knowledgeable people and/or manuals.

How much would it cost to change from an automatic transmission to a manual for a 1997 Subaru Forester?

The only person to ask is the one who agrees to take on the job. The best choice, by far, is to sell your 1997 automatic transmission Forester and buy one with a manual transmission. Or you could even scrap the one you have and buy the one that has the equipment that you prefer. In my opinion you will still spend less money. -- Ken

What type of transmission fluid to use on 86 ford ranger six cylinder 2.9?

Usually it is depending on whether it is an automtic or a manual transmission. But thart early of a model both types of transmission use the mercon type F transmission fluid if you have an automatic don't waste time or money,it will break soon...invest rather in a manual one.

1974 Chevy C-10 with a automatic and would like to replace it with a manual transmission?

Yes, not dificult if you have a doner vehical to get the parts off, or a bunch of money to buy parts.

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