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One hundred (100) pence to the pound, so one fifth (1/5) of a pound is twenty (20) pence

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Q: How much money is one fifth of one pound?
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What is one fifth of a pound?

one fifth of a pound is : 90

How much us money is in one pound?

=a pound has about $2 in it.=

What fraction of a pound is twenty pence?

One fifth 100 pence = 1 pound 100 / 20 = 5

How much is one quid in british money?

its one pound of sterling.

A man spends one fifth of the money in his wallethe then spends one fifth of What is lefthe spends 36.00 in all how much money did he start with?

started with 100

What is one fifth of two pound sterling?


In British slang how much money is a quid?

It would be one pound

How much money is one pound of weed?

a pound of weed...What are you a druggy or something!? costs £50

How much money is a guinea?

A guinea was one pound and one shilling in sterling currency.

How much is a 1 pound?

unit of measurement-there are 16 ounces in a pound. money-one british pound is also twenty shillings.

How much money is in one pound of 1983 pennies?

181 pennies, or $1.81

How much is one pound worth in France?

Do you mean the money currency, or the weight ?

How much money do you pay for a dog lead?

go to poundland and get one for a pound

How much is one pound of biblical money worth in the us?

about 17.957 dollars

How much money for one pound of coke can?

Aluminum running about 1.50 lb.

What is one fifth of one pound?

20 pence, in reference to the British pound sterling, and for the weight measurement, it is 3.2 ounces.

How much money does one pound of cans get you at wise recyle?

About 16 cents my niqua

How much is in one pound?

one pound is 450grams

How much is one pound in American money?

One british pound is worth about US$ 1.55 now. Go to to know current exchange rates.

If a tin holding One pound coins holds 500 pound (in money) how much money is in the tin if it is full of twenty pence pieces?

That depends on the difference in size between the pound coin and the 20p piece.

How much does one pound of californium weigh?

A mass of one pound pound !!

How much is a pound of peaches?

One pound.

How much is one pound of chocolate?

A pound???

How much in a pound of saffron?

One pound.

How much renminbi is one pound?

one pound = 13CNY