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Q: How much moneydoes an athlete earn from us?
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If a person is ICDL holder work in Canada how much he earn?

you can earn us 30,00

How much money does a carpenter earn in US?

about 200000

How much earn dentist in us?

About 1500 monthly.

How much do surgeons earn in the military?

15.000 US$

How much money does the president earn after his term?

AFTER HIS TERM, The US President earning is $200,000.00 and The US Vice president would earn $150,000.00

How much does a member of congress earn?

US Representatives and Senators earn a salary of $165,200 per year.

How much do clinical psychologists earn in US?

around 160,000

How much do the occupational therapist earn in U.k and in US?


How much does a specialist doctor earn in US?

150.000 yr

How much does a bar manager earn in US?

Not enough these days

How much does a basic chef earn?

about $1 us a day

How much a taxi driver can earn per hour in US?