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America, 840 lbs. The Russians brought back less than would fill a Coke can, and an additional 20 lbs. of Moon rock (severely damaged by Earth's atmosphere) was found on the ice in Antarctica, long after Apollo. In fact, it was only by comparison with the Apollo rocks that these scorched and melted rocks, damaged by Earth's atmosphere, the heat of entry, and the water in Earth's environment, were determined to be of lunar origin.

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Q: How much moon rock did the astronauts bring back?
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How much did all the moon rocks brought back by the Apollo astronauts weigh?

About 850kg

What does an astronauts do on a planet?

The only place astronauts have been other than Earth, is on the moon. When they were there, they did some exploring to see what it was like. They took samples of the soil and rocks to bring back to Earth. They tried to learn as much as they could while they were there. If astronauts get to visit other planets, they would do the same kinds of things.

Were astronauts on europa moon?

No. Astronauts have visited Earth's Moon. The next place to visit will be Mars. Europa is a moon of Jupiter, so it is MUCH farther away.

Much of what scientists know about the moon has come from?

studying moon rocks gathered by astronauts ;D

Why is it so much more difficult to send astronauts to the moon than mars?

You appear to be misinformed. It is more difficult to send people to mars because it is so much farther away. That is why we have not sent astronauts to mars yet, but we have sent astronauts to the moon.

How much does an astronauts moon boots weigh on earth?

it waghs

Do astronauts visit planets?

No, not yet at least. The only object that astronauts have been to other than Earth is the moon, which is a moon rather than a planet. There other planets are much farther away, but there are some plans to land people on Mars.

Why do astronauts have to be securely safe on the moon?

I'm not really sure what you're asking, but the astronauts live on the moon in much the same way that man lives underwater. They have to take everything with them to survive including food, water, oxygen and a method to purify the air.

Why do astronauts take small steps on the moon?

The gravity on the moon is much less than that of Earth. Thus, even a small step requires much less effort than on Earth. If astronauts were to take large steps, it would waste energy needlessly and probably take more effort.

Why was Apollo 17 lunar rover left on the moon?

Flat Tire and no jack?Actually it would have required too much fuel to bring back and since it was designed for the moon there was no reason to. future moon travelers may find a use for it.

Why did the astronauts land on the moon?

Because a wealthy nation decided to try to put them there, to prove that they could, and to do as much research as possible.

Are astronauts on the moon weightless?

They are not weighless, they actually have the same mass that they would on earth, however since gravity on the moon is 1/6 that of earth they just seem to be much lighter.