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There would only be a little difference. One way to find out in your particular situation would be to compare (Under similar climatic conditions) run the pool wit h for two weeks and then without for two weeks. and measure the water level before and after.

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Q: How much more evaporation is caused by water fall features?
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Evaporation rises or falls?

Evaporation causes water levels to fall as water turns to steam and evaporates into the air.

Explain why evaporation of water causes cooling?

a fall in the temperature of the liquids known as the cooling effect ,accompanies evaporation

What was niagara fall caused by?


Why does condensation happen after evaporation?

When the water rises is must fall down.Water cant fall if there is no watr in the air.

What are the two main forces that are responsible for the water cycle?

Evaporation caused by the sun's warmth and the wind blowing over the oceans, forming clouds. The cooling of the clouds that allows the rain to fall.

Beneficial effects of physical change?

evaporation of water,then fall as a rain,cools our environment

What are the four ways water can fall from the sky?

evaporation , condensation , persipitation , run-off

How rain comes?

rain comes by evaporation. Evaporation is when water is carried into air and is brought to the clouds. When the clouds become too heavy with water it starts to fall and that's how you get rain.

Rise and fall of water caused by friction of wind on water surface?


How are evaporation and precipitation related?

Evaporation is the cause of precipitation. The clouds gather vaporized water, and when they are full, they allow precipitation to fall in the form of ran or snow.

Why evaporating of water cause cooling?

a fall in the temperature of the liquids known as the cooling effect ,accompanies evaporation

What would cause the level of the water table to fall?

The warming of the atmosphere, which causes more water evaporation into the atmosphere in the form of clouds.

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