How much nx for maplesotry does each karma koin card give?


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Depends on the card;

$25 karma cards give 25,000 nx

$10 karma cards give 10,000 nx


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Karma is what changes the color of your Stick, if you get into a lot of bar fights, deal with drugs, rob stores and banks or give smokes to the Light Blue Stick you will lower your Karma and eventually turn dark purple. If you keep giving money to the Orange Stick outside of the bar it will increase your Karma and eventually become your Stick will become white like an angel. Here's a little heads up : -Robbing a bank or store -10 Karma -Giving the Light Blue Stick smokes -2 Karma each pack of smokes you give him -Giving the Orange Stick money +2 Karma each $10 you give him -Selling drugs -5 Karma -Getting into bar fights -5 Karma Karma ranges for -100 to +100, if you have positive Karma when you run a Campaign you might become president, where as if you have negative Karma you will start a Dictatorship

It is not possible to sell or give away karma points on Howrse.

once you have all 4 birds (trophmones) you can either give them all to a group near the basketball pitch (at 5:00)in the 1st dimension and get +25 karma for each bird and once you have them all you get a hover board or you can get all the birds to a eccentric millionaire who gives you 1000 pounds for each bird and - karma and once you give him all the birds you get a hover board

If you give her all 4 you will get the hover board and positive karma. If you give the evil millionaire guy all 4 you will still get the hover board but with negative karma.

Go to the golden statue, then press up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, to get the Konami award. Also, you can buy karma with money, level up and earn karma, buy relics that give you karma, or dismiss your ninja and get karma.

you use karma by the actions you have done in the past and remind people how you have done them actions in the past if you ar good then you give them good reasons to get what you want but if you are bad them give them bad reasons to get what you want

You have to have at least 2 horses and 2 karma and then you can reserve an affix for every 2 karma you have. You can reserve it on the 'My Horses' page.

By doing your job, or completing miniature jobs for people. Although sometimes different jobs give you different karma.

You would need to buy alot of fake id's or do jobs that give you bad karma

Karma is about the intention. If you have a good intention, you collect good karma, and if you have a bad intention, you collect bad karma. When you have good karma in store, you can easily do a spell to turn on the good luck. But if you do spells to gain for yourself without having good karma in store for you, then it is like "getting what you does not deserve", and then you are messing up with the natural balance and world order. Therefore it is always good to do the right thing to the other people. Treat other people properly. Help those who need your help, give what you can to those who need them. Do towards other people with your whole heart. When you have good karma in store for you, then you deserve the luck to be turned to your favour at your will. This is like having a credit card with a very high credit limit. You can spend on credit, but you will have to pay later. It is risk free to spend the money you already possess than spending with a credit card, because you don't have to worry about paying back the credit card bill. The simple fact is that, when you have good karma in store, it is not a tight budget.

Sell horses in the Private or Direct Sales for passes.Buy passes.Get karma. Every 5 karma, you get 1 free pass.Sponsor people. Each time 5 of them reach 1 karma, you get one free karma.Let a horse of yours that is over 30 yrs. old and without a Philosopher's Stone die. Howrse will give you a free pass to help you with your game.

They hope to gain good karma on there way to nirvana

Karma is the name for "what goes around, comes around," or "you get what you give out." If you have lived a life of selfishness, and have hurt people, then sooner or later you will be treated the way you have treated others. Karma is going to "kick you in the butt" by giving you what you deserve, just as if Karma were a person actually kicking you.

!IT'S NOT!PEOPLE MAKE OUT IT TO BE THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS KARMA!The bible has many quotes though that show that there is no SUCH THING AS KARMA IT CALLED SPITE, REAPING AND SOWING, AND GIVE AND RECEIVE! HERE ARE QUOTES FROM THE BIBLEYou reap what you sow!Give and you shall receive. Be spiteful and The LORD thy God shall SPITE YOU!

You give it to the Coca Nut Cowboy for bad Karma and money or the cop closest to the jail cells in the police station for good Karma

yes you can be a ice cream tester but only if you have 900+ good karma i worked alot and bought loads of police id cards they give 25 karma each but the ice cream testers rubbish you only get 13$ and free ice cream.

The truth is one Karma-what goes around comes around

Credit Karma will give you your scores from all 3 credit reporting agencies and they do it for free with no credit card needed. It is a great way to check up on your credit score and information.

When you get purified water x5 from your Mr. Gutsy robot (Megaton or Tenpenny Tower) go outside and give it to the man who needs water wait till you get your next load and give again. There is also a begger named Carlos, outside Rivet City, you can give him purified water to increase yoy karma. (the water can be found in First Aid box's, fridges, bought from traders etc. not just Mr Gusty) Talk to Father Clifford in Rivet City's St Monkia's Church, each time you give him a donation of caps for the church your karma increases.

The deck I am familiar with has 79 cards and it would take all day to give the meaning of each card. You can find online information on meanings and also search for books on the subject.

You can send gifts after you have passed riding level 2 and you can not have negative karma

You can give it to the man in the police station for positive karma.. idk what else.

The reason why is because you have to have a riding level of 2, or higher, and you can't have negative Karma points. If you have 0 karma points or higher, you can send and receive gifts. But, if you have negative karma points, you can't receive or give any gifts. If you want to get your karma points up, visit howrse 30 days in a row. If and when you do visit 30 days in a row, howrse will give you 1 karma point.

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