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Dried pasta doubles or triples in size as it cooks and plumps up with water as it becomes re-hydrated, so you would need to measure 1 to 1-1/2 cups.

Fresh pasta does not plump up to the same degree. Look on the package, or ask the seller, to see how many servings you can expect per package.

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Q: How much pasta do you need for 3 cups cooked pasta?
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How much dry pasta equals 2 cups of cooked pasta?

To get 2C of cooked pasta, the rule of thumb is to use half of what you need in dry pasta. Therefore, you would need about 1C dry pasta to get 2C of cooked pasta.Another measure would be weight, where the rule of thumb is that 2oz dry pasta makes about 1C of cooked pasta. Therefore, you would need 4oz dry to get 2C cooked pasta.

How much dry pasta do you need to make 225g of cooked pasta?

dry pasta doubles in weight once cooked, 225/2=112.5

How much dry orzo do you need to 3 cups cooked?

1.5 cups

How much brown rice do you need for 6 cups cooked rice?

six cups

Why does uncooked pasta keep longer than cooked pasta?

Because in cooked pasta there is water. Bacteria need water to survive, and they find it hard to survive in dried pasta which doesn't contain much water. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Which is why freshly made uncooked pasta will not keep any longer than cooked pasta.

How much pasta do you boil if you need to cook it?

Pasta about doubles in size once cooked, so if you need 2c I suggest boiling a little over 1c of pasta.

How much uncooked rice do you need for 12 cups of cooked rice?

.One cup of uncooked rice will yield two cups of cooked rice

How much pasta do you need for pasta salad to feed 30 people?

It depends what else they are having, but I would make at least 10-12 pounds cooked pasta.

How much cooked pasta for 50 people?

If you allow 6oz of cooked pasta per portion (without sauce) then you will need 300oz (18lb 12oz) but to be sure you have enough I would prepare 20lbs.

How much uncooked pasta equals 1 cup cooked pasta?

why would you possibly need to know that cause your mother wanted to know how much with this sausage she smoked!

How much spaghetti sauce do you need for 12 pounds of pasta?

About 5-6 cups per pound

How many pounds of cooked pasta do you need to make pasta salad for 20 people?

about 5 or 6

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