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Nagasaki (Japan) - 9 August 1945 - a bomb containing 6,4 kg of Plutonium 239

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Q: How much plutonium is in the second atomic bomb?
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How much TNT is in a Plutonium Bomb?

Nuclear weapons with plutonium don't contain TNT.

Briefly explain how a hydrogen bomb works and how its differs from an atom bomb?

A Hydrogen bomb uses heavy Hydrogen or Deuterium to create a fusion chain reaction. Before that can happen however there needs to be a smaller fission explosion (atomic bomb). The radiation from this trigger explosion is directed into a hollow chamber like a bucket pointed at the atomic bomb, which contains Deuterium. Often there is a rod of Plutonium running the length of the bucket at the centre. This is designed to amplify the chain reaction and spark fusion releasing much greater quantity of energy.OK, you asked for briefly.atomic bomb at one end of hydrogen bomb casing detonates.x-rays from atomic bomb implode hydrogen bomb, heating & raising pressure in it.when at high enough temperature & pressure, hydrogen bomb explodes.An atomic bomb is just the atomic bomb mentioned at the beginning of step 1.A full description of all the events in a typical fission-fusion-fission hydrogen bomb consists of almost 2 dozen steps. A full description of the events in a typical fission atomic bomb is less than 6 steps.

How much do atomic bombs weigh?

It depends on the size of the bomb

What is stronger atom bomb or nuke?

An atomic bomb is a nuclear weapon. A nuclear fusion bomb, (hydrogen, is usually much stronger than a nuclear fission bomb (uranium or plutonium). The weapons detonated in Japan during WWII measured about 15 kilotons equivalent of TNT. Today, most nuclear weapons are measured by megaton (1000X kiloton) equivalents up to a bomb built by the Russians with a possible yield of 100 megatons.

How much did the 1st atomic bomb weigh?

roughly 5 tons

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How much plutonium is in an average atomic bomb?

ugh there was 10000kgs in fatman aka 100 sticks

How much plutonium would be required to make an atomic bomb as powerful as the one devastated in Nagasaki in World War 2?

Approx. 10 kg of plutonium 239.

How much plutonium was USED in little boy?

The Little Boy bomb had not plutonium.

Does a hurricane release as much energy as an atomic bomb in 1 second?


How much TNT is in a Plutonium Bomb?

Nuclear weapons with plutonium don't contain TNT.

How you build an atomic bomb?

To make a fission atomic bomb you just take either uranium or plutonium, which are fast-fission materials and find a way to smash the soul out of them so they can make neutrons to continue the chain reaction. You either just take some fissionable uranium, make a bullet out of one and a ball of the other, build a cannon-shaped bomb that shoots the bullet of uranium into the ball of uranium at the end of the barrel - and boom. To make the second kind, you need some plutonium. Plutonium is easy to obtain but it is extremely hard to make into a bomb, because if you shoot two masses of plutonium together like the uranium bomb style, they fission so much easier that they start reacting before they touch and blow themselves apart before anything can fission, so you will need to make a ball of plutonium crush in itself using a shock wave made by a explosion. You surround a ball of fissionable plutonium with explosive stuff. When the surrounding explosives goes boom, the shock waves made by the explosives hits the ball. This causes the plutonium to supercompress itself together - and boom.

How much plutonium used in nuclear bomb?

In the Nagasaki bomb, about 14 pounds. Design criteria on later weapons is classified.

What does an atomic bomb use for its exploding power?

That depends, an atomic weapon from WWII was armed with plutonium 239, bombs now use a more dangerous Uranium armament. In order to use the bomb, a smaller explosion much trigger a chain reaction explosion in order to create, for lack of better terms, a "big bang".

How much neutrons and electrons are in plutonium?

All the isotopes of plutonium has 94 protons and 94 electrons. For the number of neutrons of a specified isotope: number of neutrons = rounded atomic mass of the isotope - atomic number (or protons number) For plutonium-239: 94 protons, 94 electrons, 145 neutrons. The atomic number of plutonium is 94.

Did the radiation improve in Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the atomic bomb?

Yes, the radiation was much more abundant after the atomic bomb.

How much would it cost today to build an atomic bomb today like the one US dropped on Japan?

The first atomic bombs cost billions because they had to learn how to gather uranium and plutonium into a form that was good enough for a bomb and they had to design the bomb. Now a nuclear missile cost would be probably about a million or more. The cost of the newer missile is in the housing and maintenance of the missile.

What is the the atomic mass of plutonium?

Plutonium's atomic mass is 244,064 204 (5) because the only naturally occurring isotope is 244Pu. Interestingly, we manufacture or synthesize a much more of other isotopes. The atomic mass of the most important isotope of plutonium (239Pu) is: 239,052 1634 (20). The atomic number of plutonium is 94. For the mass of other isotopes see the link below. Atomic masses are from the tables of Audi, Wapstra and Thibault (AME 2003).