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How much precipitation does the Sahara desert get?

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The Sahara Desert is the driest desert in the world. It is also the world's largest desert. This desert area receives less than one inch of rainfall annually.

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Average monthly precipitation for the Sahara desert?

What is the average precipitation for the Sahara desert

What is the precipitation levels of the Sahara desert?

probably 50% not much with hardly water there

Which deserts are dryer than the Sahara Desert?

Both Antarctica and the Atacama are drier that the Sahara Desert. Neither of which receives any appreciable precipitation.

What are the prevailing winds that affect the Sahara desert?

The prevailing winds that affect the Sahara Desert are what determine the precipitation. The dry air affects the moisture.

What are the similarities between Antarctica and the Sahara Desert?

Both are deserts that receive little precipitation each year. The Sahara is a hot desert whie the Antarctic is a cold desert.

Is there low precipitation in Sahara desert and Antarctica?

A desert is defined as a region that receives less than 10 inches (250 mm) of annual precipitation on average. Both the Sahara and Antarctica receive even less precipitation so are considered as deserts.

When did the Sahara desert form?

The Sahara became a desert in about 1600 BCE. This happened because shifts in the Earth's axis increased temperatures and decreased precipitation.

What area of the continent Africa gets the least precipitation?

the Sahara (desert) region

Does Europe cover much of the northern part of the Sahara Desert?

No Europe does not touch the Sahara desert, the Sahara is in Africa.

What is the largest desert between Antarctica and the Sahara?

The Antarctic Desert is much larger than the Sahara.

Why is the population of the Sahara desert low?

because the Sahara is a desert and the is not much water in it is people can not survive in it

What does the Sahara Desert cover much of?

The Sahara covers much of northern Africa.

Was the Sahara a desert in 2000 bce?

The area of the Sahara had already long been a desert by 2000 BCE. Lack of precipitation and a rise in temperature had dried up the area by 3400 BCE.

What is the average precipitation in the Sahara desert?

vary little, about once a year rain comes -scientist

Is the Sahara desert the Kalahari desert or the Gobi desert the largest in the world?

Out of the deserts in the list, the Sahara is the largest.However, bearing in mind that a desert is defined as an area where less than 250mm of precipitation fall annually, the largest desert in the world is actually Antarctica.

What is the average precipitation amounts in the desert?

The average precipitation amounts in the Sahara Desert is less than one-half of an inch every month of the year. It very rarely rains in deserts.

Is the Sahara desert the biggest desert?

No, actually. The Antarctic Desert is the largest desert, though some geographers disagree. A desert is determined by its annual precipitation, and Antarctica is definitely a dry cold area.Deserts are normally divided into "cold" and "hot" deserts.The Sahara is the largest hot desert and Antarctica the largest cold desertThe Sahara Desert is the largest hot desert on Earth, but the largest desert overall is the Antarctic.

Is the Sahara Desert in Libya?

Yes, a section of the Sahara called the Libyan Desert covers much of Libya.

How windy is it in the sahara desert?

Not that much

The Sahara Desert covers much of the northern part of?

The Sahara Desert covers most of North Africa. The Sahara Desert is the largest subtropical hot desert and third largest desert in the world, after Antarctica and the Arctic.

What is the name of the Sahara Desert?

The proper name is simply Sahara. The word means desert in Arabic so there is no need to call it the Sahara Desert which would translate to Desert Desert.The Sahara Desert is known as the Sahara Desert.

What are the similarities between Sahara and Ladakh Desert?

The only similarity is that both receive limited precipitation. The Sahara is a huge, hot desert located in northern Africa. The Ladakh is a cold, high mountain plateau desert in northern India,

How much light does the Sahara desert get?

there is quite a lot of light in the Sahara desert and at night it is quite a bit of light.

What is the Sahara and the Gobi?

The Sahara and the Gobi are both deserts. The Sahara is a hot desert that covers much of northern Africa and the Gobi is a desert in China and Mongolia.

Why are there trees on the oasis in the Sahara desert?

because trees need water that only oasises can supply in the Sahara. Trees can't grow anywhere else in the Sahara because of the extreme lack of precipitation