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(remembering the the boiling point of water is, in essence, a function of pressure) reaches 150c.

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Q: How much pressure inside pressure cooker?
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The temperature inside a pressure cooker is 117 C Calculate the vapor pressure of water inside the pressure cooker?


How does a pressure cooker affect time needed to cook food?

The pressure cooker applies pressure to the food which increases the temperature inside the pressure cooker. Which as a result cause the food to cook faster.

What is the required temperature to boil water in pressure cooker?

The answer depends on the pressure inside the cooker and this is controlled by the weights which are put on the valve.

What is the air pressure inside the pressure cooker after the safety valve melts?


How much does a pressure cooker cost?

A pressure cooker varies in price. A person can buy an expensive pressure cooker or a cheaper pressure cooker. They cost around forty dollars to one hundred thirty dollars.

How a pressure cooker works?

A pressure cooker works on the vaporization principle. pressure builds up inside the cooker as the water inside it boils. it produces steam, which causes the temperature inside it to rise. the high temperature and pressure will result in a shorter cooking time Added fact: boiling point of a liquid = the temperature at which the vapour pressure is equal to the pressure of the atmosphere above it. In a pressure cooker, the pressence of the steam increases the gas pressure above the water, thus elevating the cooking temperature and accelerating the cooking process.

Why does a jar break when using a pressure cooker?

Jars, presumably glass ones, can not withstand the pressures that a pressure cooker make. A pressure cooker increases the pressure in the pan, so you need a lower temperature and a shorter time to cook something, but jars burst when the pressure inside and outside the jar differ too much. It's best not to use them together.

How much should you pay for a stainless pressure cooker?

How much you should pay depends on the size and fanciness of the stainless pressure cooker. For a 6 quart non-programmable pressure cooker, expect to pay around $40.

What is the pressure inside the pressure cooker when closed but no heating will it be equal to atmospheric pressure or not?

The pressure inside will be the same as what the atmospheric pressure was when the lid was closed as long as no heat is added or removed.

At what degrees the water boils in a pressure cooker?

Above 100 deg C The extent to which the temperature is higher than 100 deg C depends on the pressure inside the cooker and that is controlled by the weights on the cooker valve.

How much do cooking times change when using a pressure cooker instead of a normal pot?

Between cooking with a normal pot and a pressure cooker the difference in terms of time is not much. The pressure cooker can be used depending on the type of food that is cooked.

How does pressure cooker soften meat and other foods within a short time?

The pressure cooker is a sealed chamber in which the pressure builds up 2 to 3 times that of the atmosphere. As the boiling point of water is raised as the pressure increases, this means that the temperature inside the pressure cooker is much higher than it would be in an open, boiling pot. The increased temperature shortens the cooking time needed.

Where do you get reciepes for your miro pressure cooker?

A pressure cooker is a pressure cooker. You wouldn't limit yourself to using the few recipes that came with a microwave or a toaster oven so why do it with a pressure cooker?

What is the Tamil word for pressure cooker?

Pressure Cooker= "azhutha sootadupu"

What is the best pressure cooker?

The best pressure cooker, in my opinion, is the All American 921 21-1/2-Quart Pressure Cooker.

How does a pressure cooker demonstrate the effects of air pressure on waters boiling point?

Vapour rom the boiling water is not allowed to escape and so the pressure above the water increases. This raises the temperature at which the water inside the cooker boils.

Can you pressure cook a pint jar in a pressure cooker?

Yes you can pressure cook a pint jar in a pressure cooker.

When was The Pressure Cooker created?

The Pressure Cooker was created on 2008-02-04.

Explain the principle of operation for the pressure cooker and the vacuum pan in cooking?

Pressure Cooker Operation In pressure cooker,the food is cooked in closed condition ,where,there is pressure valve ,here you are increasing the pressure inside the vessel hence ,pressure inside the pan will be greater than atmospheric pressure,hence the boiling point is reached in less time and cooking takes place faster. Vacuum Pan Here vacuum is opened or reducing the pressure where air inside is removed and hence the product is cooked at lower temperature .More u increase the vacuum,more reduction in pressure and hence longer time to cook ,

Is it normal for steam to come out when heating up on pressure cooker?

Steam escapes from a pressure cooker when the pressure inside becomes greater that the weights used on the safety valve in the lid. Excessive escaping steam signals it is time to turn down the gas or electricity slightly. (Otherwise, the pressure cooker would eventually explode if the safety valve was not there to relieve the steam pressure!)

Does the external environmental factors affect the boiling point of liquid in pressure cooker?

No, the external environment does not affect the boiling point of a liquid inside a pressure cooker. Since the liquid is sealed away from the air, it is not affected by ambient air pressure or humidity.

The temperature in which water boils inside a pressure cooker is lower than in an open pan at sea level?

No, it is not.

Why food cooks faster in pressure cooker?

In the pressure cooker the temperature and and pressure are increased; so the cooking is accelerated.

What is a cuckoo rice pressure cooker?

It is a pressure rice cooker brand that is made by a Korean company.

Pressure cooker cooks rice faster because?

Because the temperatures are high in pressure cooker