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Q: How much rain does the emergent layer get?
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What Is The highest vegetative layer in rain forest?

Emergent Layer

How high is the emergent layer in rain forests?


What is the roof of the rain forest called?

the emergent layer

What is at the top of the food chain in a rainforest?

Emergent Layer........ This answer is given by samrat cool

Which layer of the rain-forest does the Sun conure live in?

which layer in the rainforest does the giant anteater live in

What are the four layers of a rain forest?

The forest floor,understory,canopy,and emergent.

Do slow lorises live in the canopy or emergent layer of the rain forest?

The canopy

How can you describe the emergent layer of the rain forest?

Harpy Eagles and other birds live in the emergent layer. There are also many different kinds of butterflies and insects. Many of these animals are also found in the canopy of the rain forest. The birds and insects are important because they help pollinate the rain forest plants.

What are the four layers of the rain forest?

The four layers of the rainforest are the Emergent Layer, the Canopy Layer, the Understory Layer, and the Forest Floor.

How much sunlight does the emergent layer receive?

The most.

How is the emergent layer different from the canopy?

the differnce between the emergent and canopy layer is that the emergent is taller.

Where in the rainforest can you feel very hot and damp?

You can feel hot and damp in the understory layer because the understory layer is the thrid layer to the emergent layer and the heat from the emergent layer can travel down. it is also damp because it is very Ronny in the rainforest so the rain can drip from trees.