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No need to add salt to your dog's food. Pet foods are manufactured with sufficient balance of protein and minerals to keep your dog healthy. Bones and raw meat also naturally contain sufficient salt for animals. Don't give bones too often, just as a weekly treat. Don't include additives of your own to your pet's diet.

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How much saltwater is too much for a dog?

your dog should NOT have any salt water, this will make him/her very ill!

What should you do for a dog that is vomiting from drinking salt water?

Let your dog clear out his stomach then offer him fresh water - if he didn't absorb too much salt, he should be fine within a few hours.

Does salt make dogs sick?

Dogs, like all animals, need some salt in their diet. If you are feeding the dog commercial dog food, that will not need additional salt. Excessive salt is not good for a dog and it can cause dehydration and vomiting.

How mush should i feed my dog?

about 12 or 13 pounds usualy but if your dog is on a diet i prefer 10 or 9 pounds.

Can dogs eat salt-?

If a dog happens to get a little salt because company slipped him a potato chip or he gobbled up prepared food that you dropped on the floor, it won't hurt them. However, it should not be added to their daily diet.

How do you stop your dog from farting?

To stop your dog farting, don't give it to much food. When they eat chocolate, they get very very sick. Make your dog go on a diet. What ever you are giving it,don't give it to your dog. That should be good.

How much should I fed the meh dog?


how much should i feed my fat dog?


What happens when dogs eat salt?

If a dog eats to much salt it can cause kidney failure

What should you feed your aging dog?

A healthy, natural diet is the best.

how much should i give my dog water?

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Can a dog get dehydrated drinking from a salt water pool?

Yes. Salt is a diuretic. Make sure your dog has access to plenty of fresh water, and it should be fine.

Should I bathe dog after salt water swim?

yes if not they will get sick

โ€œ how much should I feed my dog?

You should feed your dog twice or three times a day so they won't go hungry. ;)

How much should i really feed my dog?

You should ask a vetanarian. It really depends on the dog and its breed.

Why would a dog crave salt?

All mamals crave salt to a point. Humans not so much anymore because there is so much salt in the foods they eat. Back in history the hunters often staked out the natural occurring salt licks to insure finding an animal to get for their next meals. Make sure your dog is getting a good quality dogfood and this should take care of any cravings.

How much should i feed my dog to have a fully grown one?

what kind of dog is it?

Does a diet fish and dog mixer biscuits contain enough vitamin B12 and B6 for a healthy dog?

No; a dog's diet should be balanced and come primarily from properly made kibble or canned food and not from dog biscuits.

What do you do if your dog eats street salt?

You should take them to the vet right away!

How much fat should a dog consume per day?

Dogs should consume 10-15 percent fat in their daily diet. Pet parents have to be cautious not to over feed their dog, as obesity is a health issue for dogs as well as humans.

How much food should you give a dog in one day?

How much homemade food do you give an 18 pound dog with allergies?

You should probably talk to your vet about a diet that is just right for your dog. I am sure if you sit down with your vet, you can figure out what is just right for your pet.

How much dramamine should you give your dog?

call your vet,they should be able to tell you for lb, how much to give your dog.

how much should you give your dog some ice cream?

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How much should your dog weight?

It depends on what kind of dog you have.

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