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How much sat score require for University of Miami?

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If you're considering going there, you might want to rephrase the question to something like "What is the average SAT score for University of Miami?" Good colleges are more likely to accept you if you have a decent knowledge of grammar...

Grammatical rant aside, I think the average is around 1900, maybe a little lower. But there's no "required" SAT score to get into any college. Colleges look at a lot more than SAT scores; if you have a good GPA and have done a good amount of extracurricular activities/volunteer work but you have relatively low SAT scores, you can still have a pretty good chance of getting in.

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The University of Miami is a private institution. Therefore, cost of tuition is much higher than that of the state universities in Florida.

It costs at average $35,540.00 but if your a freshman $35,520.00

Miami University has a number of campuses. Click on the related links section (College Board) indicated directly below this answer section to choose your campus of interest.

For current tuition and cost-of attendance, see their website.

Usually 6 or above. Highest Score is 9.

I've heard from one collector that he had it valued at a memorbilia show in 1994 and it was valued at over $600 Miami, Fl

about a 1100 for two sections combined, (critical reading and math).

You can enter veterinary science with a score as low as around 95. At MU the highest ENTER score to enter was 99.30. Just look at university sites.

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Generally any medical careers require a degree or diploma, from a reputable university/college

Posted in Applications, GRE SAT TOEFL, app2us Most Popular | 8 Comments »MS without GREThursday, August 23rd, 2007 Visit www.app2us.comAlmost all top US Universities require the GRE General Test score. Few Universities waive GRE on the basis of undergraduate academic record.The graduate program in Computer Science at Purdue University is one of the very few top programs which do not require the GRE score.For MS in Computer Science at San Jose State University, GRE score is not required if the undergraduate degree is from USA.So it is possible to get admitted to a US University for MS without GRE score. The following programs waive the GRE score for qualifying candidates:California State Univ. at Channel Islands (CS)California State Univ. at Northridge (CS)Carnegie Mellon University (Physics)University of Utah (Chemical Engg)University of Pennsylvania (Nursing)Brown (CS)MIT (EECS)California State University Fullerton (CS)San Jose State (CS)Many CS Programs don't require GRE due to the fact that it doesn't give admissions a proper attestment of one's potenial. Many CS students are international/ English is not first language and preparation for the test varies between persons. The content of the test (analogies and basic math) also does not relate to the skills needed for CS.International Students:If you are applying as international student, then its very much likely that getting admission without GRE is possible, but while appearing for Student Visa, they will require you to have GRE Exam. It will be very hard to get visa without GRE Score. That's one of way Visa office will measure your academic capability.Also, Universities giving admission without GRE scores will certainly have less quality of education. do you really want to spend so much money and effort where you will get less knowledge and exposure when compared to other schools?For more details about GRE, TOEFL, Universities visit

A score is another word for 20.

A score is another word for 20.

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Jim Kelly (injured much of the season) Mark Richt (current head coach at the University of Georgia)

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450-530 math 440-550 critical reading 450-540 writing

A score is another word for 20.

EMG cost in Miami Florida 25 $

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It is unlikely that a 507 score will result in an approval for a mortgage loan. FHA loans are the most flexible but still require scores far higher than 507.

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