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It depends on person to person , but on a whole not much will come out.

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2009-07-11 13:43:12
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Q: How much semen comes out during a wet dream?
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How much semen comes out during one ejaculation?

a normal man ejaculate semen about one tea spoon or big spoon.

How much semen comes out when you milk your prostate?


What happens if you swallow semen?

Not much...I remember someone asking this question in Sex Ed class, and the teacher's response was that it happens all the time during oral sex and that there's no health problem associated with it UNLESS the semen comes from someone with an STD.

How much ejaculation is normal for a man?

Semen is released during ejaculation and the normal semen volume ranges from 2 to 5ml per ejaculate.

What if you have no semen?

Semen comes with puberty. You may not have finished puberty yet, so don't worry too much. If you are older, it's possible that medication or even your general health can affect semen production. If you are worried about it, check with a doctor.

What does semen contain that is used for energy?

Much like Bull semen is used in energy drinks such a Red Bull or Monster, male semen contains high amounts of caffeine. Studies have proven that swallowing semen during oral sex can actually help the recipients stamina during sexual activities. This is why it is important for women to swallow every time.

Why do you have so much semen?

Just like any other physical trait, everyone is different when it comes to the amount they produce. What you produce is normal for you.

How much semen comes out?

Every guy is different and the amount per man can vary day to day. A few drops to maybe a teaspoon.

How many semen is produced in one ejaculation?

Semen is the fluid. It is not a "how many" but a "how much".

How much semen is held in the scrotum?

none, as semen is contained in a gland in the prostate.

What causes men to ejaculate forcefully?

when the female arouses the man so much that the man ejaculates extra hard and twice the amount of semen comes out.

How much semen does a sperm whale have in its brain?

none, what would semen be doing in the brain.

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