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a normal man ejaculate semen about one tea spoon or big spoon.

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Q: How much semen comes out during one ejaculation?
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How much ejaculation is normal for a man?

Semen is released during ejaculation and the normal semen volume ranges from 2 to 5ml per ejaculate.

How many semen is produced in one ejaculation?

Semen is the fluid. It is not a "how many" but a "how much".

How much semen are in men and does it decrease as aging from the first ejaculation?

New semen is recreated all the time, so in a day or so after the last ejaculation the amount will be restored.

How much semen does a elephant ejaculate?

On average, 93.3 ml per ejaculation.

How much semen comes out during a wet dream?

It depends on person to person , but on a whole not much will come out.

How much semen does a male typically lose during sex?

The usual ejaculation is about 1 or 2 teaspoonfuls. The body is constantly producing sperm, so this is made up in an hour or two.

How much sperm can one make in one life?

Sperm is the male egg cell contained in semen, the liquid that spurts out during ejaculation. In a life time the human male makes 14 galons of semen, which is equivalent to 9 watering cans.

How much ejaculate does a man produce?

The average man produces roughly a teaspoon, sometimes a tablespoon, of semen per ejaculation.

How much semen comes out when you milk your prostate?


How much semen is produced on ejaculation?

On average around 5 mls of semen or about a teaspoon.It differs for every boy or man depending on several factors, including how often they ejaculate or their age.

How much semen can a man ejaculate?

A freaken LOT!The average ejaculation is about ½-1 teaspoon and contains 200 million sperm.

Why is it that when a guy ejaculates in your mouth it feels like there is so much but then when you go to swallow it it feels like there is barely any?

Mostlyfrom the spraying pressure of the ejaculation. An average ejaculation containsless than a teaspoon-full of semen

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