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It is standard to tip 15% for any type of service provided, however in this case it is most appropriate to tip $5.00-$10.00. It depends on what you can afford, since it is a volunteer service.

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How much should you tip a restrauant?

15% if service is good.

How much do you tip your swimming pool service?

You should tip your pool cleaner the equivelent of one months service at Christmastime or the end of the year

How much should you tip for lawn service at Christmas?

If this is your regular lawn care service, tip for the quality of service throughout the year , and if a one-time service, just for the single job they did.Then you have to consider if this person is an independent contractor, they should not be pricing their services with an eye to a tip. 10% is sufficient in either case, but you tip as you can afford, and to the quality and promptness of service.

How much should I tip a balloon delivery service?

If the service was good and adequate, tip just like you would in a restaurant. 20% of the total price is a good tip to leave if you get good service, 7%-10% if the service was just OK.

How much should you tip waitresses?

The usual tip is 15-20 percent of the total bill, depending on the level of service given. You can even tip more than 20 percent if the service was exceptional.

How much should you tip your hairdresser?

10 to 20 % depending on your satisfation with the result and service.

How much should you leave for a tip at a Japanese teppanaki restaurant?

In Japan, it is not customary to leave a tip at restaurants. If you are in America, it is generally accepted that a tip should be 15 - 20% of the bill for good service.

Should you tip your carpet cleaner?

If you are happy with the service, why not give some tip?

How much should one tip their hairdresser?

Tips for both a hair dresser and a waiter are the same. A generous tip is usually considered to be a tip that reaches the ten percent of the service provided

What should a person tip for hair color?

A minimum of at least 20% on a hair color service is much appreciated.

How much should one tip a town car service?

If you are using a town car service for services such as a limousine chauffeur the tip should be approximately 20% of your fair or bill. So if your bill is $100 dollars then you should leave a tip of $20 dollars for a total of $120.00 it is kinda like tipping a waitress at a restaurant. I hope this answer has helped you.

How much should you tip a bell boy?

Depending on whereabouts in the world you are, the service you received etc. If they were really rude and discourteous, I wouldn't tip! In the UK, I would generally tip around £2.00, which is about $4.00

How much do you tip for a service done in home based business?

A 10 to 20 percent tip is normal for all service industries.

Should a tip to a caterer be based on the entire bill including rental costs of dishes and tables or just the food and service?

No. The tip is based on the overall service. A tip is not compulsory.

How much should a chambermaid be tipped at a three star hotel?

The amount a chambermaid should be tipped at a three star hotel depends on your length of stay and the service you received. If you stayed for a few days and the service was excellent then $10-$15 is acceptable, if service was terrible then do not tip. If you stayed for one night and service was good then tip $5.

Is it proper to put signs up that remind patrons to tip?

A sign reminding people to tip can easily cause offense. It is a patrons choice whether they tip or not... People should be allowed to chose to tip depending on the service they receive. This is what encourages good service. If tipping is compulsory then you should really add a service charge to the cost of your service and not expect tipping.

How much do you tip for a pedicure?

You would tip 10% for average service, 15% for good service and 20% for excellent service. Most people tip around 15% which goes directly to the person doing the pedicure.

How much should I tip someone providing a delivery service for fast food?

It really depends on how much you spend and how good the service was. Generally, you should give them $2-$3 dollars for their effort of bringing you the food, but not more than that.

What is the maximum tip for a waiter?

The minimum should be 15% of the total tab; however, there is no maximum because an individual should leave a tip commensurate with the amount and type of service offered. If it's felt that a server went above and beyond the norm to give exceptional service, the tip should reflect one's gratitude for that service.

Should you still tip for bad service?

No. You tipping to show appreciation for good service well thatโ€™s the way it works in U.K.

How much should you tip in China?

Small tips ($2-3) to porters; no tips in taxis; service charges are usually included in the price.

How much tip for a 300 salon service?

20%, so about $60.

How much do you tip the bellhop?

You should tip the bellhop a minimum of fifty dollars

How much do you tip for a facial?

To tip for a facial, you can either give about 10 to 20 percent of the entire service cost, or you can tip a dollar amount that you feel is fair. Some people tip 10 dollars or 20 dollars regardless of the service price.

What is service tip?

A service tip is simply called a 'tip' or 'gratuity' and one pays a waitress; waiter; bell boy in a hotel, etc., if their service is good. A service tip is generally 15% of the total bill, but can be less. If the service is poor then one can decide not to leave a tip.