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A 11 year old at 5'3 should weigh between 120-130lbs.

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Q: How much should a 11-year old at 5'3 weigh?
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How much should an 11year old girl that is 4'11 weigh?

the answer is about 75lbs-90lbs.

How many pounds should An 11year old girl weigh if she is 4'10 and 1'2?

as much as a carbon capture and sequestration of sulfur dioxide collected from the diaper of a 4 month old boy who is 1'3"

Are 140lbs to much for 11year old?

yes it is to much you should have them walk edleast once a day around the block

What weight should a 11year old girl be in kilograms im 5.8 in height?

i am 11 and i weigh 46kg but i am 5.4/5 so for you maby 57kg

How many pounds should an 11year old be?

The average 11-year-oldboy would be around 55 inches tall and weigh around 80

Should a 11year old girl wear a bra?

If she has breast, then yeah

How large should a 11year old penis be?

Large enough to urinate successfully.

You are 5.1 and 11 years old how much should you weigh?

I think you should weigh about 95 to 105lbs I weigh 97lbs.

How much should you weigh if you are nine years old?

here is your answer i weigh at least a little bit over how much you should weigh but the answer is 70-90 pounds.

How much should a 15 year old weigh who's 5'7?

you should weigh 105-115

How much should a 9 yr old weigh?

i think that a 9 yr. old should weigh 60-90 pounds i weigh 85 pounds and i am 9

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