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How much should a 4'5 girl weigh?


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Standard poodles should weigh 45-70lbs. for males and 45-60lb for females.

well i am 163cm and i weigh 45 kg. that is the average

A eleven year old girl of that age should weigh around 45-55 kg. Depends on the girls diet and how much exercise they get, but that is the standard average weight of an eleven year old girl.

A ten year old girl who is of five foot usually weighs 35 or 45 or 40 kg ok this is the normal weigh ty

She should weigh between 45 and 50 kg

35 to 45 kilograms ideal weight if above 45 kilograms go for any good sports activities instead of loading with ice creams / chocolates

the averge wait for a 4'11 5 year old is around 45-60

can weigh from 35 to 135 kgs. Optimal is around 45 to 50 kgs. Over that means going for overweight. Best is to calculate BMI- body mass index

Both male and female Bearded Collies should weigh between 45 and 55 pounds.

45-70 pounds is normal for a third grader

I think a three year old boy should weigh 35 to about 45 pounds.

I have a niece who is 4 years and is 45 lbs. She eats like every ordinary little girl but is built differently. Sure she has a little fat but she needs it, she's a kid.

A male border collie should weigh 30-45 pounds, or 14-20 kg. A female should weigh 27-42 pounds, or 12-19 kg.

I am 44 kgs and 11 year old (154cm) girl, about 35-45 kgs is average, but you shouldn’t worry too much because you are growing and just a child, I hope that can help.

It can range a good bit. A healthy estimate could be anywhere between 45-62 kg (100-135 lbs).

they weigh about 45 grams, fully grown

You need your height and age to work out what you should weigh . Go to this site to calculate the weight you should be at. :) Anyway it doesn't matter what you weigh :D you are pretty and should feel confident about yourself :D

Border Collies weigh 30-45 pounds.

Usually a pound of past will weigh in at 16 ounces... but sometimes it could weigh as much as .45 Kilo

An Airedale terrier should weigh an average of 50 lbs for a male, and 40-45 lbs for a female. Source: I own an Airedale.

No less than 30kg no more than 45 kg

about 40-45 kg. about 40-45 kg.

English Bulldogs weigh 45-55 lbs on average.

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