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How much should a 4'7 girl weigh?


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well i am 100 pounds and i feal fat


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A girl of 5 feet 2'' height should weigh about this : small frame : 44 -47 kg medium frame : 47 - 54 kg big frame : 50 - 55 kg

39 - 47 kilos but a little out of this is fine

the most ideal wight is about 49~51. but 47~55 is okay

It weighs about 47 grams.

The average weight for a nine year old girl is 63.8 pounds. The average height is 47 inches. those sentences are all wrong i dont know what you are thinkin but i am 5 foot 1 and i weigh m0ore than that so you r wrong

you should be between 47 - 62 kg to be in the healthy area, however it has to be said that if you are a boy you will weigh more muscle weights more than fat and it depends on your bone structure

There is no "should" in weight, considering height, muscle mass, and especially during puberty, since the body is changing rapidly. The average weight for a 14 year old girl is 47-52 kilograms, or 105-115 pounds.

They weigh (47) times (the weight of 32 candy canes).

105 pounds (about 47 kilos)

In the United States, the average height for a 9 year old girl is about 47 inches (3'11") a girl that tall should weigh about 64 lbs

Female- 30-45 kg Male- 35-47 kg Hope I helped:)

I read they weighed 47 kilos each

A green mamba can weigh up to about 47 pounds!

It depends it can be 47 or 57 pounds

Sorry to dissapoint you, but........ that does not make sense!

about 47-55kg for girls, though can vary depending on bone structure and amount of muscle. about 47-55kg for girls, though can vary depending on bone structure and amount of muscle.

At about 762 nails per pound for stainless steel they don't weigh much. Call it 47 ish per once or .021 of a Pound each

My male is 47 pounds at 6.5 months old.Suzie

its gonna suprise you but i was a main worker in building the stadium and we were required to weigh EVERYTHING! the final weight is rounded to 47 billion pounds!

He should weigh about 15 or 20 pounds more than he did when he was in the best shape of his life as a high school graduate or during the first year of college. Do have a more accurate answer we would need to know this person's height and bone structure and body type.

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