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Answer:I believe so. But it does depend on the body's build type.
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Q: How much should a 5' 2 11-year-old girl weigh - if she weighs 115 pounds is she overweight?
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Is a 4-year-old overweight if he weighs 84 pounds?

A 4-year-old is overweight if he weighs 84 pounds. On average, a 4 year old boy should weigh about 35 pounds.

Is a 13-year-old overweight if she is 5'5'' and weighs 147 pounds?


Is a girl whos 5ft 2 who weighs 135 pounds over weight?

If a girl weighs 135 pounds and is 5'2, she is not considered to be overweight. Females between the age of 18-25 should between 128 and 136 pounds.

I have a Dachshund that weighs 17 pounds. Is my dog overweight?

You should talk to a specialist about that because i dont know the answer. And it usually depends on the age.

Can a pitbull weigh 150 pounds?

Maybe as an overweight, but ideally pitbull weighs 30 to 85 pounds..

Is a 11-year-old girl overweight if she weighs 138 pounds?

it depends on how tall she is.

Is a 14-year-old overweight if she is 5'6 and weighs 140 pounds?

no because im 14 and 5'3 and 170 pounds.

Is a 14 year old girl considered overweight if she weighs over 160 pounds?

Unless she's really tall that would be overweight.

Are you overweight if you weigh 90 pounds in 4th grade?

no you are not my friend weighs ninety and she is in fourth grade

Is a 12 year old girl overweight when she weighs 96 pounds?

In my opinion, 96 pounds is too skinny. If there is a technical definition of overweight, then I am sorry, I'm not sure.i belive its 110 is right.

I am a female that is 14 going on 15 I am about 5'3 and weigh around 110 pounds am i overweight or fat?

A female who is 14 years old and going on 15 that is 5'3" tall and weighs 110 pounds is not fat or overweight.

Is a 14 year old girl considered overweight if she weighs 134 pounds and is 5 ft 2 inches?


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