How much should an eleven year old babysitter charge?

Seeing as I was twelve two years ago I wouldn't say that you can charge very much. Twelve year olds really aren't that responsible and connot be very experienced in babysitting. I would say the most you could charge is $4.50 an hour you should start lower, at about $3.25, and gradually increase. Twelve years olds won't be trusted as much a fourteen or fifteen yearolds so many people would rather pay more for teens with more experience.

those prices are good but just because she is younger doesnt mean she has no exsperince. and some people would trust an 11 year old better because teens may be on there phones talking to there bf/gf and saying shhh to the kids they are taking care of. when it is more likely that a 11 year old is letting them have a good time. i hope you have funn babysitting i no i do.