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How much should an four foot nine eleven year old weigh?

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i am 11 and 4"9 and i weigh 75 lb. so anywhere between 74-98 is ok =D

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How many pounds should you weigh if you are four foot eleven and ten years old?

depends on how muscular you are, but I'd say about 85pounds

You are four foot eight what should you weigh?

You should weigh 105lbs about it dont worry about how. You look it's about what's on the inside

How much should some thirteen being four foot eleven weigh?

Anywhere from 80 pounds to 120 pounds I think. It really depends on your body structure, if you're muscular or an athlete you could weigh more and not be "fat"

How much should a 4foot 6 11 year old weigh?

I'd say in the sixties, maybe 61, or 62. Well that would be very small haha! Im four foot 10 eleven years old, and I weigh 67. No biggie if you weigh more. you're growing! :)

How tall is Dana Bash?

Four foot Eleven inches

How tall is Kristen chenoweth?

Kristen Chenoweth is four foot eleven. You should read her biography called A little Bit Wicked.

Is zendaya taller than Selena gomez?

Yes. Zendaya is five foot eleven and Selena Gomez is five foot four.

What is the average weight of an eleven year old who's four foot nine?

I am 12 (well by the time any 1 reads this i will be) and i am 5'4 ish. i weigh about 6 and a half stone/ almost 7 stone. As you are smaller then me i think that you should be around 6 and a half stone.

How much should a 4 feet 9 inch 11 year old girl weight?

Well I am four foot eleven and fourteen and I weight 88 pounds.

What is the average weight of a fourth grade girl that is four foot nine?

well no but im 4 foot ten and weigh 82 lbs so i think you should be around 80-90 lbs.

How much should a thirteen year old boy weigh if he is four foot four?

Is your weight affecting your stature. Any longer is your height your weight is higher. If your average height is between 95 to 105 pounds of weight you should be.

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