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How much should it cost to replace an alternator?


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It depends on the vehicle, call AutoZone.


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The cost to replace the alternator in a Honda Odyssey will depend on where it is purchased and installed. The average cost of an alternator is between $100 and $150.

Hou much should it cost to replace an alternator for a 1988 acura integra Ls?

About $370 in Minnesota, with a new alternator.

how much does the altenator for camry coast

how much it cost to replace alternator for toyota camry 2003

You can buy a Bosch rebuilt alternator from your auto supply store. Generally they cost around the $100 - $200 range.

About 200 bucks. Its about 80 to 130 bucks for the alternator, and its really easy to replace. Sits on top of the motor.

Actual Price of Alternator - $200 Cost of a repair shop - $400+

1hour labour $55-80 1 alternator about $190 total about $245-270 Maximum

It is important to know the cost of replacing parts or making repairs on a car. For a 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue it should cost between $90 and $200 for a person to replace the alternator on their own.

I just paid 600$ after taxes to get mine replaced.

I would expect couple hundred dollars at least for a new alternator plus labor.

hi it should cost around £25 to £30 to have your belt changed hope this helps ?

Alternator belt $5.50 Labor: $25.00 Knowing you could have done it in fifteen minutes: priceless

The approximate cost of replacing an alternator on a 1996 Toyota Avalon depends on whether you do it yourself or have a shop replace it. The alternator costs around $125 and it would take about two hours of labor for a total of approximately $300 if a shop did it.

This will vary based on where you choose to get the replacement alternator. The alternator will orbably run you around $200. The cost of labor for the repair will be additional.

cost me 260 for the alternator and the belt (220 and 40), and 190 for the labor.

alternator cost $170.00 and labor will be $65.00 .so you are looking at a total of $235.00 . takes about 45 minutes to change

the alternator + replacing fees lies between $350-$400 if the alternator is remanufactured (not brand new). The cost may reach $600 if it is brand new

if you do it yourself about 70.00 take it to a shop about 300.00

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